Canadian from Toronto filmed torus-shaped UFO (photos)

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Canadian from Toronto filmed torus of UFOs. The witness has witnessed the emergence of the open torus of an alien spaceship in broad daylight in the city centre. He decided to publicly declare the existence, and raced at high speed past the Canton tower, the CN tower.

Канадец из Торонто заснял торообразный НЛО (фото)

The man sent the removed materials professionals along with a report that described how he decided to spend time in the entertainment centre of the Harbourfront, located near the inne. During the contemplation of scenery witness the appearance of extraterrestrial guests noticed a strange object flying at high altitude near the tower, and sparkling in the rays of the sun.

The alien ship suddenly disappeared from view, then to show itself in all its glory, and in the air made the unthinkable rotation. Canadians managed to capture it on camera, after which he decided to publish the video on YouTube. Among the mail there was another witness who had seen a similar device before in another district of the capital, who also after a short presentation of their capabilities behind the clouds.

Earlier, UFO found on photos from the surface of the comet 67P taken by the spacecraft «Rosetta», the alien ship, see photos.

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