Bigfoot. The last witnesses (video)

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Снежный человек. Последние очевидцы (видео)

Unknown and inexplicable: See Bigfoot. The last witnesses documentary. Although legends of a mysterious man-beast known since ancient times and information about it accumulated enough, its existence is believed by many. Anthropologists argue that this mammal is not and can not be.

But in the traditions of all Nations have mythical creatures like Bigfoot. It is found in various parts of our Planet. With him often face in our country but in Soviet times, information about them is ignored or suppressed. After all about whom there is so much amazing information about Bigfoot.

It is believed that the meeting with him brings sickness and even death who saw it. He can suddenly disappear into space. Can even hypnotize a big group of people so that they instead of the shaggy monster would see a stump or a snake. Unable to get clear pictures of this creature technology in his presence is not working!

Some believe that they come with UFO from other planets. Others say that this mysterious creature from a parallel world or biorobots, observing humanity from other planets. Despite the huge amount of evidence, Bigfoot mystery not disclosed. Maybe humanity is simply not ready to contact with this mysterious being, who has such incredible properties?

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