Found hormone, the ability to predict death

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Found hormone, the ability to predict death. The researchers conducted a series of experiments and found that even before the death of the body a hormone that predicts premature death. This applies to people who suffer cardiovascular diseases.

Найден гормон, способный предсказать смерть

New Zealand scientists at the University of Otago studied the history of the two thousand people who died from a heart attack. It turned out that in the blood 60% of them were discovered by an excess of peptide C-type.

Найден гормон, способный предсказать смерть

Recall that the predictions of the film in 2017 for Ukraine and Russia, to read.

The experts explained that the cause of death from a heart attack is often hormonal activity caused by the individual compounds. The most important of these is the peptide C-type, he is responsible for the functioning of the heart.

Currently, scientists are engaged in the development of the theory, which will prove the relationship of peptide C-type, with negative consequences for the human body.

We will remind, recently the American scientists have established a direct link between her love for spicy food and increase life expectancy. In spicy food, e.g. chilli, contains special substances that have a positive effect on the body.

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