The former commander of the air force of Yugoslavia, told about the operation of the interception

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The former commander of the air force and air defense forces of Yugoslavia openly stated about the meeting with the unknown aerial object. General Zvonimir Y. was the head of the 172nd aviation regiment in the capital of Montenegro in Titograd, now renamed Podgorica. His first acquaintance with an unusual object that can change color, occurred in normal flight, held in January 1975.

Бывший командующий ВВС Югославии рассказал об операции перехвата НЛО

«The object looked like a glowing Orb, which was 10 times brighter than any star. Its color was constantly changing. He was white, yellow, light red, orange, and white again» — so the General had described suddenly appeared out of nowhere to object, which, as it seemed, deliberately attracted attention to himself.

Oddly enough, but bright UFO began to appear in exactly 50 minutes after takeoff. After a few pilots noticed a strange ball, General Yu decided January 25, 1975, to try to intercept the stranger.

As expected, the UFO appeared in 50 minutes after takeoff, when the aircraft commander was the town of Cetinje. The General had sent for him, but as soon as he came closer, the mysterious object disappeared.

A failed attempt at contact made General to develop a plan of interception: the first climb to the sky two aircraft of his regiment, and later from another airport to take off the two sides and surround the object from all sides. All pilots were ordered to keep radio silence in case of the intercept.

«I just stabilized flight somewhere over the Cetina when the object suddenly flashed above Budva. Lieutenant Maciek saw him over Niksic,» the General ordered Macek to stay put while he took a course parallel to the Adriatic coast, to try to get closer to the object the distance to which, in his estimation, was about 10 kilometers.

«However, I was not allowed to approach. I reduced the speed — distance remained the same. I increased the speed, but we were all the same ten miles.»

General Yu believes that the incident in the skies over Yugoslavia will remain a mystery, which, in all likelihood, never be resolved.

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