In the North of Italy in a wheat field found an unusual circle

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Unusual circle was found June 12, 2016 in the surroundings of the city Alba in the Piedmont region located in Northern Italy (see video below).

Near a small farm in the wheat field appeared circle with seven angular lobes, delineated by the contour of the thin circles the size of which decreases as it approaches the sharp apex. In each petal wheat flattened and in a disorderly manner are arranged as points of land not flattened wheat. From the big circle at the joints of the petals depart seven rays, which consist of seven rounds, and some wheat completely flattened and each beam differently.

На севере Италии на пшеничном поле найден необычный круг

In the centre of a great circle is a circle of smaller diameter, in which the wheat is trampled

in a circle. From the Central circle depart seven angled triangle, and the vertices of the triangles thin arc extends to the outline of a large circle, forming a subtle pattern. Rather complex and unusual message. Particularly interesting points on the inside of the petals, resembling Morse code.

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