What do we know about the ancient civilization of Atlantis

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Science fiction writers and filmmakers not once demonstrated how diverse life can be outside of our planet. They pushed humanity to the loss of the ability to admire different species and ancient civilizations on Earth. In their submission, people began to treat lightly the huge chronology lasting billions of years. In this regard, today it is important for people to clearly understand the brink of space fiction and the real history of his earthly home.

The earth has existed for infinite billions of years and its shape possibly changed completely during this time. If we had the chance to travel back in time and see – we wouldn’t know her.

Что мы знаем о цивилизации древних атлантов

Plato about the mysteries of Atlantis

Based on the statements of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato 15,000 years ago the Atlantic ocean was located Atlantis. In his stories he is only a little mentioned about the whereabouts of the mainland, but accurately described the life and culture of the Atlantean civilization. According to him, the city of Atlantis impressed with its grandeur. He also described how the high technical level of development existed at the Atlantis.

However Plato himself did not see all this. He told his uncle Solon, who was in Egypt, and have heard of Atlantis from the priests of the goddess of the sky Nate. Solon pointed out even in inscriptions in temples, which are the real evidence of the existence of the continent. Salty came to the conclusion that the Atlanteans knew about the death of the continent, so did everything in order to preserve the human gene pool and his great mystery.

According to Plato, the continent of Atlantis plunged into the water for a few hours. How could such a huge piece of land to drown in such a short time? After all, no natural disaster will not produce such destruction. Therefore, scientists have put forward two versions: either the continent went in the ocean water longer than stated, or the death of civilization of the Atlanteans came from space.


To find the sunken continent, the researchers investigated the whole Earth. There is information that can lead humanity to take another look at its history.

Experts believe that the most likely location of the continent is the Aegean sea. Atlanta was closely associated with the Minoan civilization that existed long before BC, However, there was a strong eruption on the island of Santorini and Atlantis sank into the sea. According to geological studies, this theory is indirectly confirmed by. So, in the area under water was indeed seen heavy deposits of volcanic ash. However, is there beneath the remains of the Atlantean science.

Another place to find Atlantis, scientists call the modern Antarctica. Ancient maps of the Earth make this version not so fantastic. So, in the beginning of 1665, the German Jesuit Kircher, Athanasius provided a copy of the Egyptian cards, which depicted Antarctica without ice. And with the help of the latest equipment the data was obtained, which shows a complete similarity of the outlines of the Egyptian maps with the modern. There are more maps of Antarctica, which are now in various museums around the world.

The ancient Sumerians, who lived on the territory of Mesopotamia was in contact with the civilization that inhabits the planet Nibiru. The Dagon tribe of Central Africa, almost 6 thousand years, keep evidence of contacts with representatives of the planet Sirius. However, the most interesting and mysterious ancient civilization for scientists around the world are in Atlanta. They, except for the high level of science and technology, had telepathic and psychic abilities. Perhaps the Atlanteans were the ancestors of man.

Who was Atlanta?

Sea researcher Edward Case slightly lifted the veil of secrecy. Scientist in the 1930s found traces of a lost continent between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean sea. Traces of Atlantis have also been discovered in America, Morocco, British Honduras and the Pyrenees. On the border of Bermuda and Puerto Rico (the Sargasso sea) is allegedly the largest part of Atlantis. According to Casey, the modern human civilization is very difficult to imagine how Atlanta was ahead of us in all areas. And the growth of these people was much higher than ours. According to Casey, their development took place not as ours. Atlanta had the ability to move freely on the ground, not paying attention to the force of gravity. Communication they had telepathy, and the power of thought Atlanta was able to move objects weighing several tens of tons.

Material traces can destroy the time. But the civilization of Atlantis left behind in the memory of all peoples a large amount of information that has been passed from generation to generation. So, in Plato, there was no evidence of the existence of Atlantis, but the story of his uncle, but even modern scientists have believed him. Apparently, on a subconscious level they felt that this story is true. Therefore, in the twenty-first century, the search continues this amazing civilization.

The interest in this country fueled by the desire of scientists to get answers to numerous questions: who were the Atlanteans and where he came from? What destroyed their civilization? If by chance it was death? However, experts of the scientific world are well aware that if Atlantis is found, the official history of the development of human civilization will melt away like a misty haze in the sunlight. To date, there is sufficient evidence of knowing the reliability of the stories of Plato.

Myths and legends

The peoples of the world on five continents in the myths and legends mention the giants, who were once the dominant race.

In Egypt believe that their first dynasty came from the giants to bring him by sea and taught medicine and the art of construction.

Greek mythology mentions the giants born from the blood of Uranus. One of them was the celebrated Antaeus, killed by Hercules. And Prometheus had taught the Greeks to use fire.

Roman writer and scholar Pliny the elder in his author’s writings says that during a strong earthquake struck a large hill, which bared the skeleton of a giant 20 meters. Greek writer philostratus, who later went to live in Rome, told about his discovery in Ethiopia. He found a strange burial, where the skeleton of a man, whose height was 15 meters.

Spanish geographer and historian of the SIXTEENTH century, Cieza de Leon tells the legend of the attack of the giants. They sailed on ships and was able to build the temple of Tiwanaku, which today is the archaeological complex.

In the ancient Indian epic in Sanskrit is the story of the titans, speaking out against the Frame. Hanuman is one of the giants, became the protector of the people.

In the history of the Toltecs is legend about great people, disappeared from the face of the Earth after large earthquakes.

The chasm of time separates the human civilization once lived Atlanteans. They were far above us in every way. But the traces of spiritual knowledge are forever imprinted on Earth. Today there is evidence of only a small part of the existence of Atlantis, and they all rely on the snippets of facts that are not fully understood. Fragmentary information of geologists, paleontologists and archaeologists, cannot emerge until the end to complete the picture, a crucial question about Atlantis. Where was she and what happened? Is there a connection between the past and the future? Perhaps everything happens according to the Laws of the Cosmos? If we can find the missing Atlantis or is it lost forever valuable knowledge?

Archaeological finds

Atlantis can be found! There is proof – archeological findings of the remains of giants around the world. So, in mid-2008 in Georgia near the town of Borjomi, archaeologists found the remains of a giant whose height was more than 3 meters.

And the anthropologists of Australia found a human tooth in a height of 67 mm and a maximum width of 42 mm. This tooth could be a person with a growth of more than 7 meters and weighing 350 kilograms.

In Turkey, paleontologists have unearthed many fossilized human remains. For example, a leg bone with a length of 1 meter 20 centimeters.

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a large number of fragments of the jaws of the people. Their growth could be more than 3.5 meters.

In many legends of Easter island say about the giants, who constructed the statue is 20 meters tall and weighing 50 tons. A race that has put these sculptures, called «the wizard that fell from the sky».

According to many scientists the Great Sphinx, statues Bamian and the pyramids of Egypt created just Atlanta. Their civilization is the most advanced, ever. They rose into the air on a mysterious aircraft could descend to great depths and even fly to other planets. According to Hindu guru, these structures rose into the air with my mind. However, the civilization of Atlantis perished during the Flood. Why? What causes her death?

Russian novelist and religious philosopher Helena Roerich in his book «Agni Yoga» came to the conclusion that the existence of human civilization coming to an end. Our modern life corresponds to the last days of Atlantis. Today there is a complete spiritual savagery, betrayal, war, famine, devastation, death. Science is defiled and becomes the object of contention and speculation. Spiritual heritage is destroyed, emptying the temples. Everywhere there is greed, selfishness and cruelty. Collapsing the balance of power between Space and Earth. This will create a catastrophe that will destroy our civilization, as in his time destroyed Atlantis.

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