Secrets of the Green island

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There is a Green island near Rostov, the right and left sides washed by the river don. This island associated with many legends and superstitions. Some believe that in its territory there is a drifting anomaly. A kind of a portal leading to who knows where. Allegedly people caught in it can’t go back and you can get lost both in space and in time. To detect this anomaly is not easy, and explain this by the fact that it can appear in any place of the island.

The rumors that the Green island «are not all pure» has spread in Rostov before the current craze of «flying saucers» and aliens from another world. Somewhere in the mid 20’s, on memoirs of old residents, citizens passed from mouth to mouth scary stories about ghosts, drowned men and the walking dead, supposedly «entrenched» in the island.

Тайны Зелёного острова

Then stir awake. And the time is come that fascination with mysticism on the head is not stroked. Just before the war in the city muffled talking about some mysterious omens that occurred again in the area of Green island. People who talk about it, then rumored to be urgently NKVD.

Then for many years on the Green island stopped. And only somewhere in the mid-70s he again began to emerge in conversations. Here briefly recorded in the memory of an eyewitness account of direct relevance to the island:

«… I sailed to the Green island in the evening, at sunset. Left the boat on the shore near the sandbar, I went into the bushes behind the dead wood to make a fire. From don I went very close and was moving straight in the direction opposite to my Parking lot.

Imagine my surprise when the branches ahead suddenly parted, and I went on shore directly to their boat. To get lost I couldn’t, the forest here — one name! And yet the impression was, like, wander in a dense thicket, I made a circle and returned back where you started.

It had me puzzled. I went back into the Bush, however, already elsewhere, but was back on the shore. And so five times. The amazing thing is that the little compass built into the strap of my watch, all the while showing the correct direction. The last two attempts I did, specifically referring to him…».

There is also mention of a UFO. One of Rostov UFO enthusiasts citing eyewitness told the incredible story about the alleged incident on the island before the war… crash of a «flying saucer». The scene of the accident, according to the story of the witness, was immediately cordoned off by incmagazine because a UFO took over a secret Nazi aircraft. As he walked his study, the war broke out. For some reason (wreckage may have gone deep into the ground, part of them was scattered over a large area) object not had time to evacuate. And that he and a team of scientists and immediately built a secret laboratory (the ruins of which still can be seen on the island), defended to death standing regiment of the NKVD.

After the war removed the remnants of the «plates» may have continued to study in one of Beria’s «friend». But not all were taken. The science of the time, far removed from the problems of the UFO, and, frankly, not taking into account the possibility of cosmic expansion, turned a blind eye to side effects caused by remaining in the land of the «plates».

But it’s still the beginning. The interesting thing is that this island is the refuge of the dark forces, which is exploited by the modern magicians. Green island with its dense vegetation, solitude and remoteness from adequate housing has long been a familiar venue witchcraft and magical rites. It is unknown how much is true of witchcraft, and how many game in it, but even the weakest degree of «advancement» in this area of magic thing, believe me, very bad.

The choice of Green island as a magical «ground» is due not only to his privacy. There is a legend that once, hundreds of years ago, in the place where is now the island was a pagan temple, where the steppe peoples have made gigantic hecatombs of human sacrifice. According to another version, here there was a fierce battle between the nomads, in which some ancient tribes were enslaved and supplanted the other.

Whatever it was, but the evil generated by the thousands of violent deaths for a long time occupied the whole of the surrounding area, causing awe among the ancient Nations. Over time, the phantoms lost its malicious nature, and only the part that is due to the alteration of river don, were isolated on a Green island (flowing water, as you know, the greatest barrier for the so-called «evil forces»), is still capable of hostile acts.

Thus, next to Rostov, he formed a natural reservoir of «black» energy, able to recharge modern wizards and witches. And here arises an interesting question. At first glance, the location of the churches in Rostov is not subject to logical understanding. Why so and not otherwise? And what was the purpose of their builders? But everything appears in a different light, if you look at the map. The impression is that they seem to protect the city from the negative impact of the island (given the fact that some of the churches are preserved to the present day). Is this a coincidence or did our ancestors, guided by intuition, created a powerful system of opposition to the harmful influence of the «devil’s island»?

With regard to the negative impact of the island and its connection with the evil spirit, the author of these lines, these things are experienced. And this information I want to share with you. The first time I heard about the anomalies of the island, almost immediately wanted to visit him and to touch the mystery. To my luck (or misfortune, which famously passed me), I knew too little about him. Just heard about the mysterious phenomena that have always worked, such as the one shown in the beginning. And since I am interested in violations of the time, I decided to do some measurements (diffraction Islands large flows of water have said that will be a positive result).

There were two associates who had volunteered for the expedition. Little did I know that one of them is magic and consider themselves shamans. Over the years, I think, he is not entirely aware of the danger of their manipulation that is even a stretch to call hard professional. Rather, it is perceived at the level of pampering, games. And it is very dangerous when doing magic (I want to note that I myself am engaged in parapsychology and extrasensory perception I have is the place to be. Therefore, in the future I’ll describe this subjective feeling). But then this one thought, especially me. All my thoughts were focused on time.

After meeting at a prearranged time we met («shaman» I didn’t know it was a friend of the second party). And then it turned out that it was the shaman, and they have their own program. They heard about the big casualties on this island and, as a consequence of the enormous number of entities or ghosts, as you like. This is what they wanted to do. I didn’t mind. But if I knew what will encounter, most likely, would refuse.

We reached the island around 6 PM. It was the end of the summer, at that time still very light. We first drove to the southern part of the island as we could. Then I was afraid that the car bogged down and stopped. It may not sound important, but all three of us thought that we saw the same person twice. The first time almost at the entrance to the island, and the second is almost there where we left off (well, no, he could not overtake us, especially since we did not stay). The trees stood a wall around us, and in the chest there was some oppressive feeling, anxiety. Therefore, we decided not to tempt fate and went back to the place where more crowded and there is no discomfort here.

Our second site proved to be more successful. We got out of the car and went into the forest. The eye immediately caught the fact that very many trees have broken branches that had been burned by scrapping (there were in the same condition and whole trees, but rarely). Perhaps this is the consequences of the ingress of lightning. It is noticed that the zipper literally «attached» to places that have a status anomalous.

He made his way through the thick vegetation, we were more or less free space. Took a few pictures, and then I asked the question: what am I feeling? I had to describe my feelings. I had to look at yourself and answer this question. Like anything serious, but although there was no one there in the radius of one hundred meters, clearly felt the presence of something (the district was, though more crowded, but this does not mean that it is «teeming» with people. For all the time we met four people). Nothing more.

Then followed instruction and an introductory course in magic. It was interesting, and I agreed to participate in their «program». What happened next, to the casual observer it might seem a game of madmen. I and the second participant was assigned the role of «indicators» of paranormal activity. «Shaman» took up his case. Acting on his method, he tried to provoke invisible entities to contact and exposing them. I will not describe in detail his methods, in order not to have been brave, ready to do it again. I can only say that it was a dance, a piercing gaze into the void and the strange word sent whether the spirits, or demons. But just then I was overcome by a feeling of uneasiness, or rather the first signs. Actually, I think that this technique is not only dangerous, but stupid. You never know how will behave an entity, if you type it in a state of rage, anger. And it is hoped that «shaman».

It is known that the so-called «peripheral vision» people (not just trained) can see hidden things (ghosts, for example). So, at first occasionally and then more often began to appear «shadows», which could «see» the peripheral vision. Cost to send to the other side look as all disappeared. Some of them stood motionless, the other «rushed» as meteors. It is visible only to their rapid movement and no forms. Here the concern is beginning to be replaced by fear.

Some time after this manipulation the «shaman» I became clearly «see» his inner vision strange eyes, and only them, nothing more. Yellow-orange, almond-shaped, terrifying eyes glowing on a black background. They completely filled my consciousness, I almost saw nothing but them. However, I do not constantly see them, but as flashes of «visions» with a frequency somewhere one vision 10 minutes.

Naturally, I told about them. I think if «shaman» was experienced, he stopped or, at least, would say who or what they belong to. But in response I heard that this is normal. Here I felt his inexperience, and hope to «maybe»: just happened to trigger something in his expression, but the consequences were not thought of. I want to say that I feel a real danger, and on instinct, can hinder it. Can’t exactly this process to describe, since it occurs, bypassing the conscious mind. In short it is a complete abstraction from reality, what is happening and dive into the protective cocoon… it happened this time. I was a passive observer and did not take part in it. In this condition very quickly time passes, and I almost don’t remember what happened next. Only fragments of memories. Remember, met people, went to the East side of the island…

Finally I came to myself when we left the island. It was getting dark, the sun dropped below the horizon. Passing through the crossing, I clearly «saw» an inner vision that we should be something black and evil. It was a feeling that all hell was following us. As if a black impenetrable mist enveloped us to the sky, and even the last rays of the setting sun could not get through it. We drove away from it the unknown, even my «supporters» has said that shes excited is something. And also describes the effect of presence. I wanted to look back and look back at the island, but none of us dared. Perhaps this is correct, you never know what could happen.

The feeling that someone or something is stalking us, lasted very long. Only when we were in the city centre, the influence of the negativity of the island began to weaken. Even when we broke up and I headed home, a strange feeling did not leave me. Despite the crowded streets of Rostov, there was a sense of fear and insecurity and all of someone’s presence. But like everything in this world has its end, and this sense of «presence» is gradually faded away…

Finally, I would like to add that you do not have to meddle in the unknown, as it almost never ends happily. After this «experiment» the author’s health deteriorated and went into the life of a black stripe. And has only recently started to improve. So don’t be stupid, learn from the mistakes of others!

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