Rothschilds vs. Rockefellers. Trump vs Clinton

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«The modern banking system is built on lies. The bankers create money out of thin air. This is perhaps the most amazing trick ever seen of humanity. The bankers own the entire world. Try to take it away from them but leave them the opportunity to create a state with the stroke of a pen and they’ll buy it back and when he had almost no cost.

Deprive them of this right and all the largest States, including my own, will disappear. And they must disappear so that the world become cleaner and better»

John. Stamp, Director, Bank of England 1928-1941.

Briefly about how to create money today.

You go to the Bank and ask for a loan of 100 000 rubles. Three days later, or even sooner — after three hours— you get it, if you have all the right documents and you satisfy the General requirements of the banks in this case. And you have no doubt that the Bank-is a firm in which the necessary money is always there. But you’re wrong. Given the fact that today you are ten, who requests a loan, and ten people are still coming for you, we can with great certainty say that the Bank has the money. At the time when the Bank tells you, «Yes, we will consider it,» he is deceiving you.

Rothschilds vs. Rockefellers. Trump vs Clinton. Reboot the matrix, or a session of black magic with revelations.

He says: «we will create money for you.» He says: «we will consider». Perhaps considering this hour, but the rest of the time is spent on it to the banking system created money. The Bank simply buys a cheaper credit with the Central Bank ( issuing Bank) and resells it to you. After that the Bank issuing the space on his counter for one standard unit of product (your 100 000 rubles plus interest) and he can have new product in stock and put it on the counter. Which he does.

You ask: «and what is the actual problem? Well sold the Issuer some money, got others from your «safe», laid out on the counter and then selling it in the form of loans».

— The problem is that «safe» is empty. In «safe» there is no money. There is only the computer on which you need to fill the zeros. Your desire to live in debt pushes you not only for the purchase money (amount of money equal to the cost of money plus the money bar), but for complicity in the fraud. You are not just buying money overpaying for it intermediary Bank, you are also partakers of their «creation». In exchange for your commitment to work throughout the year and list monthly from earnings sum (part of which goes to pay for overwork bankers and maintaining office whores), specified in the credit agreement, you create the «computer box» the void that was immediately filled popular zeros, born out of thin air.

Yes, it’s all simplistic, but everything happens today, exactly— in fact.

Also — again— in fact it was one morning in July of 2008.

On the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the David Rockefeller to it on a fairly modest by the standards of Russian oligarchs dinner, the guests were very solemn uncle and aunt cases, information leakage from one of which is equivalent to the loss of a dozen nuclear warheads with the media.

At some point limited to five people, the audience retired to the room, perfectly decorated in retro style natural oak and leather, and after a while there came a call bell, which in the room silently glides in middle-aged Secretary.

— Rose, honey, ‘ said the old man— give me a glass of fresh milk, and people money.

— How much money?

The old man handed the Secretary a piece of paper.

— As much as they please. Sixteen trillion one hundred billion dollars.

— Well grandfather, David — smiled the Secretary. One minute.

A minute later the old man drank the milk and carefully looked at the piece of paper that just popped up with resocking printer. Then he opened a drawer, took from him the rare scores and used to skill movement wiggled the knuckle. On its face, espadana wrinkles, more like little balls of snakes, came the semblance of a predatory smile.

— Okay, gentlemen, it was necessary to put your signature, and the deed is done.

So from the air, to fabulous easily and simply, was established on 16 000 100 000 000 dollars that went to rescue the global banking system from its inevitable collapse.

According to the official government report, the Federal reserve sent during the financial crisis of 2008-2009 16.1 trillion dollars in secret loans to large banks. $ 659,4 million was spent on the administration of secret loans. The following is a simplified list of the largest recipients of unsecured American money (page 131 of the report):

Citigroup — $ 2,513 trillion.

Morgan Stanley — $ 2,041 trillion.

Merrill Lynch $ 1,949 trillion.

Bank of America — $ 1,344 trillion.

Barclays PLC — $ 868 billion

Bear Sterns — $ 853 billion.

Goldman Sachs — $ 814 billion.

What was achieved this super -creation of 16 trillion and where is the money?

— It was secured by a political commitment of the US ruling elite to create a zone of instability in the Arab countries from Morocco to Iran through funding and pumping arms various small terrorist groups, then the plan would have the»Arab spring», the destruction of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria. The blockade of Iran and the orange revolution there, the color revolutions in Turkey, in Armenia, in Azerbaijan. Simultaneously, on the same plan, Georgia was to «hail» burn Tskhinvali and Sukhumi and set in these republics control, his alleged Georgian, but in reality it was supposed to be the control of the Rockefeller clan, at that time owned the «sacred» printer. And Ukraine Yushchenko survived our fleet from Sevastopol. Establish control over the Arab countries, the elite had to start to his final round — the destruction of the Russian statehood. First, the destruction is subject to Belarus and Kazakhstan, further laying gas pipes to Europe from Qatar and Turkmenistan was supposed to bring economic and political influence of Moscow in Europe to a minimum, then we could easily have been created by the economic crisis, given the numerous attacks perpetrated by radical Islamists from the «Emirate of the Caucasus». All this would lead to the fact that our people are desperate and led and incited by the hired staff of the Washington regional Committee, would be massively took to the streets and the August ‘ 91 would be repeated again. And with him the new dashing 90-E.

However, as we know now, all this recent history happened very differently.

A session of black magic with revelations.

I have two news for you. First — good. We are waiting for the fun times.

Trump will win the election in the United States. With difficulty , but will win. With the same difficulty, with which the British sailed away from the European Union. That is, with visible difficulty. Visible to fans of American and the entire Western clown.

Ротшильды против Рокфеллеров. Трамп против Клинтон

Because the trump-it is the Rothschilds. The most mysterious, the most closed banking clan in the world.

War the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers for control of the world banking system, the war, with more than a century, came to its climax. The Rothschilds the Rockefellers win in the fluff.

Who may not know, but most of the analysts who see undercurrents, considered the main cause of the two world wars of the twentieth century, nothing like the removal of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers consolidation of the Eurasian oil assets. For this Germany was twice set on Britain (Hitler, like the Kaiser, the Rockefellers properly funded throughout the war). New «alignment» Roosevelt in 1944, he personally dictated to the British Ambassador in the United States Lord Halifax (same salperwick «Munich agreement», in November 1937 successfully agreed with Hitler):

Saudi Arabia — America,

Iran — Britain,

and Iraq and Kuwait «milk» together.

Behind, twice, brute force and circumstances, the Rothschilds caused by them «grievances» not forgotten and not forgiven.

30 may 2012 there is information about the agreement under which the company «Rothshild Investment Trust «Capital Partners»» («RIT «CP»»), owned by the Rothschilds, acquired a large stake in the company «Rockefeller Financial services» («RFS») managing the family business Rockefellers and other rich families of the United States.

Hosted almost all the leading global and Russian media, it was accompanied by the same type of surface and commentaries, the essence of which was to ensure that the two large clan of global oligarchs an Alliance for the «joint counteraction against new round of global crisis».

Actually this statement is far from reality.

But to understand this you need to know the creed of the Rothschilds — gold — and the main secret of their family, which I will announce just the kind of claim, proof of which is beyond the scope of this article:

That did not happen in the modern world today, gold, the house of Rothschild will never run out.

Strategies of both oligarchic groups in recent years were built on the principle formulated by Rothschild biographer Frederic Morton: «Today, the family strives to make its presence in the world invisible and inaudible».

The Rockefellers, who made recently a bet on the destruction and dismemberment of Russia, capitulated.

Broke the teeth on us almost imperceptibly and stepped aside, allowing the hawks — the team supervisors themselves, without their cover, will compete in the last battle with the Rothschilds in the face of trump.

Ротшильды против Рокфеллеров. Трамп против Клинтон

The Rockefellers until 2014-is the fed’s printing press, the world Bank, petrodollars, Walt street, the world’s media, the Saudi sheiks and ISIS, many of the international public organization, a large part of the Western political elite and much more. But the most important place in the family business Rockefellers have always held the oil. Held-because they already got rid of his assets in this case. All. Fused assets. And said this not so long ago:

Who now owns all the daughters and granddaughters of their once-legendary Standard oil, especially glorious to those that supplied the fuel for the Third Reich until the end of WWII, is unknown.

They washed their hands and allowed things to flow further on their own.

The Rothschilds will not allow the second coming inadequate of the Clintons in the White House. Big money loves silence and thermonuclear war they do not need.

Against them, and against us now, standing on that shore a disorganized flock of the Western political elite, lowing, roaring, laydee herd «globalists», where each course has influence in the world, but the total resultant set them all equal to zero. They are able to only create a noise and to frighten the population of the planet they also created the monsters who blow up planes, airports , cutting off the heads of children.

Organize somehow the herd can only be against us. But… And this is important. All the flock is in sight missiles Putin’s Russia.

The great Russian People, most of them will prefer to die with this civilization in the fire of a thermonuclear war than surrender to these pigs. Let the idea that the banderlog will walk in packs with their rags on our cities and beating helpless old people only because they — «scoops and wool» and it becomes clear what terrible thermonuclear World War III can only be our commitment to her.

It so happened that at that point, the Rothschilds became our allies.

So trump will win.

Besides, it is for the Rothschilds to be the most suitable candidate for the role of Woland in the most exciting Chapter of the immortal novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, «a Session of black magic with revelations.» Revelations is already underway, but it is only the Overture. For a full session, they need a legitimate power in the United States in the face of trump. And they’ll get it.

Will not be bored, people. Ahead of us the final scene with the bare Asses.

The collapse of the world economy is inevitable, it is impossible to prevent and also to defer anymore. It can only lead.

The global financial matrix will be reloaded. Everything will return to normal. To the good old gold standard of national currencies.

It can go about the scenario which I outlined in my previous article. I repeat, only the abstracts.

1.Trump initiates an audit of the fed and it immediately collapses wallt street and all of the world stock exchange.

The stock market will die. The oil futures market will die. The London metal exchange will continue to work.

2.The world’s commercial banks, with the exception of a few, one by one, begin to declare bankruptcy.

3. Trump will direct the U.S. Treasury to immediately start issuing dollars backed by gold bail gold in Fort Knox.

4.The dollar the fed will start to plummet in price in relation to the gold dollar of the United States.

5. The U.S. Treasury will make a statement on temporary suspension of payments on treasuries.

6.In relation to the gold dollar also and even more rapidly will fall all world currencies.

You can say otherwise. The price of gold is determined today in dollars of the fed, will grow sharply, but trading will go only on paper, willing to sell real gold will not. It will instantly vanish from the shelves of all stores. Just like silver.

7.The G7, Russia, China and the BRICS countries and the countries of the eau will announce the introduction of their national currencies, backed by gold. If you are curious what countries are actively buying up gold lately, you’ll see that it is China, Russia and the BRICS countries. Controlling stake in the IMF will go to the us and our allies.

8.The main culprits will announce the fed, and all who were involved with them in the last con «quantitative easing». Will begin the investigation that will last for decades.

9.Within the United States will freeze all deposits of individuals, and cash dollars will be exchanged for new cash at a reduced rate for citizens of the USA, but in limited amounts and to withdraw from circulation the fed dollars. The situation repeats 1 1 as we have in 1998 when the collapse of the GKO. Only with shooting, with the guns in the hands of the population.

10.The middle class of the United States under this scenario will have to disappear. To possible popular unrest there is already prepared.

11. The most from this chaos of Europe will suffer.

And especially our former «brothers» — the Slavs and the population of the Baltic States.

And here it turns out that the battalions of NATO there need not to «repel Russian threat», but in order to suppress spontaneous revolts and to protect the property and interests of the US and the elite from the local population.

12. A very unenviable fate awaits the Arabs, SA and Qatar. Don’t even want vangovat. I’m afraid to jinx it:)

Billionaires in the Caribbean will run in the streets bare-ass naked. Caribbean offshore zone will cease to exist. Just like everyone else. ( Suckers:)) Putin warned you: take away the money from offshore and translated here, in Russia)

And it will all be about how all of this will inevitably start in the next, 2017, year, contrary to the predictions of all the leading analysts. And will continue until the end of the first term of the trump, until 2020.

Originally accustomed in power, trump and the Rothschilds will hold secret talks about the fate of American external debt. Instead of paying obligations of the U.S. Treasury will sell its geopolitical interests.

And not so much with all of the major holders of U.S. debt, many countries, primarily with China and the us, which guarantee not to declare war on US for refusing to pay the bills with indexing — given the collapse of the dollar the fed will guarantee them compensation for his concessions at the expense of the new cash cows — SA and other Gulf States.

The forecast of other analysts, or even lose sight of this hundred years war clans, or ignores the creed of Rothschild gold, their goal-the return to the gold standard and the fact that TMB in the thermonuclear option in their plans is not included.

Big money loves silence.

The second news of the category of «not very».

To begin, a short note.

Under Ronald Reagan established a Commission headed by the Chairman of the Board of governors P. Walker (a puppet of the same Rothschild), which «found» that in Fort Knox (vault gold reserve of the USA) there is not an ounce of us government gold — only foreign and private.

Then from then trump will take the gold for the newly issued U.S. dollars?

90 percent of all private gold that is currently stored in Fort-Knox, — the gold of the Rothschilds.

And that’s where. Just everything.

The fed will remain, but will be nationalized.

The United States will receive from the Rothschilds long-term loan in gold. And it’s not just 8500 tonnes of gold in Fort Knox.

The Rothschilds are all actively bought gold for the last time.

The picture shows the certificate in the amount of $ 100,000.

President at bill — Woodrow Wilson, the same guy who signed the 1913 «Federal Reserve Act».

This certificate was issued in the amount of 42 000. Dollar bill of the highest denomination was produced in 1934-1935 years, never appeared in free circulation and was used only for internal calculations between banks of the Federal reserve. In the same 1935, all these bills have mysteriously disappeared, settling in someone’s private hands.

In other words, the Rothschilds finally served US and underhanded way will take the country in his private sole ownership, without the other «families» with whom they do not intend more divided.

There will be new gold certificate. And again for transactions between major players. Par — 1, 000, 000 US dollars. And who do you think is this picture of?

— Donald trump:) the President, who nationalisim the fed and return the US press.

For us, this means that defeat of the Rockefellers and the current Western elite, standing now at the helm, the coming to power of trump, it’s not far the victory of Russia. They retreat and paradisacorbasi.

Life will go on. The war against us as well.

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