Mysticism in Perm: the Man drowned after did not help to save the drowning

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A mystical incident happened in the Perm region. Permian, who refused to save a drowning on the river Vishera company, drowned himself the next day after the incident.

The first case occurred on the Chusovaya river in the dead of night on July 15. 25-year-old young man named Alex was sailing on the Chusovaya river, along with three friends, when the ship suddenly overturned. Passengers began to get out by swimming, himself, Alex soon disappeared from sight. The other three were rescued at 4 am.

Missing Alex

Мистика в Перми: Мужчина утонул после того, как не стал помогать спасать тонувших

One of the members of the company, Arthur, during the emergency, notice of tourists with a boat at the shore. He called them for help, but they did not respond. As it turned out, they didn’t believe that it was a cry for help, I thought — indulge. Then Arthur realized that to reach the shore myself. As luck would have it, there was a heavy fog.

The water is cold, the current is large, as told to Arthur. According to him, he several times fell into a whirlpool, trying to swim away from him. Has started to go to the bottom and drown, but managed to escape.

Arthur’s mom says that after what happened he cried. He was upset that people did nothing to help them.

Мистика в Перми: Мужчина утонул после того, как не стал помогать спасать тонувших

And then it turned out that one of these tourists, failed to help the victims drowned himself the next day.

A man went to swim and disappeared. July 18, his body found in the river Vishera, — have told in a press-service of SU IC of Russia on the Perm edge.

Meanwhile, the missing after a river trip July 15, Alexei continues to look for friends and relatives.

— Mother of Alex believes he is still alive, says Angelica, mother of Arthur — He is strong and fit to survive and fight for life in all conditions. On the river, lots of Islands, maybe he’s one of them. My son Arthur told me that they found the boat and now are searching on the water. But while Alexei was not found. We really need volunteers!

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