On Mars, found the entrance to the base aliens

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На Марсе найден вход в базу инопланетян

Recently a UFO on Mars was discovered the alien base. Recall that before the Internet it was already posted photos allegedly from the base of aliens on Mars, but according to ufologists, this is just the work of photoshop. Present the same images, in their opinion, without a doubt untrue.

Images created by camera brand «HIRISE». In the pictures it is noticeable is a strange hole right at the surface of the planet. Currently there is debate on the question of what is this hole and where it came from.

As always, there is debate between ufologists and astrophysicists. Second, in response to the first statement about the alien origin of this object declares that it is the only volcanic crater. Astrophysicists say that this is typical for Mars: such craters there are thousands.

Thus, it is not known however if this object is of alien origin. Scientists deny this version. Also, they had rejected the statements about the forgery of old photos using photoshop.

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