NASA showed a photo flying to Earth of a giant asteroid (video)

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NASA showed a photo flying to Earth of a giant asteroid. Radar complex in Goldstone, California received a radar image of asteroid 2014 JO25 that on the night of April 20 will be held close to the Ground.

NASA показала фото летящего к Земле гигантского астероида (видео)

According to the us space Agency, cosmic body resembles the peanut in shell or dumbbell and rotates around its axis every five hours.

An asteroid has a binary structure — the two blades are connected by a kind of isthmus. On the images you can recognize a planar face and a concavity of the object.

The diameter of its largest part is equal to 620 meters, to calculate the size of the second fraction of the cosmic body have not yet succeeded, — said the employee of laboratory of jet movement NASA in Pasadena Shantan Find.

Now the staff of the observatories at Goldstone and Arecibo (Puerto Rico) is trying to get images with higher resolution for detailed study of an asteroid.

2014 JO25 included in the list of potentially dangerous to life on Earth space objects. According to available reports, he will fly at a safe distance of 1.77 million kilometers from the surface of our planet with a record for the asteroid with a speed of 33 meters per second.

According to astronomers, the celestial body will be clearly visible from Earth even in small telescopes.

We will remind, 12 years a huge asteroid will collide with the Earth, to read.

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