Again astronomers catch mysterious signals from space

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Астрономы снова уловили таинственные сигналы из космоса

Astronomers report that in 3 billion light years from us «woke up» the mysterious source of fast radio bursts «FRB 121102» .

Of course, scientists exaggerate: 15 mysterious signals, each with duration of about 300 microseconds, went into space for another 3 billion years ago, when our planet was young and talking about them is in retrospect. However, science is unable to explain the nature of these single pulses. There is every reason to believe that they were sent by intelligent beings.

The biggest telescopes of the Earth for a decade, periodically record a series of fast radio bursts, the sources of which cannot be determined. These short pulses are a tremendous energy and have a clear sequence, from-for what many experts say about their artificial origin. However, more skeptical scholars suggest that the reason may be neutron stars, evaporating black holes, active nuclei of dwarf galaxies and other astronomical objects. But to say with precision what it is to explain this cosmic phenomenon outside the «assumptions», one can not yet.

The study of fast radio bursts, is complicated by the fact that they are very unpredictable and of short duration. The following incident was only the 25th in the history of observation of human space exploration. By monitoring such signals are doing today, experts from many countries, including the astronomers in West Virginia, which operates the 100-foot parabolic radio telescope «green Bank». The main goal of this project is the search for extraterrestrial life, Americans are very interested in decoding such pulses.

It is noteworthy that the mysterious signals sent in the distant past «FRB 121102» and recorded by professionals, have a twice higher incidence of bursts than their predecessors. It is possible that this will make it easier for scientists monitoring these outbreaks and will finally learn their true source.

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