The pyramid was built as a refuge from meteorites?

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Professor of mathematics and astronomy, Cardiff University, Chandra Wickramasinghe believes that the giant Egyptian pyramids were built the price of Titanic efforts not to admire them and bury them in the depths of the mummies of the pharaohs. The pyramids had to withstand an asteroid attack from outer space and save the people from «star of misfortune».

Пирамиды строились как убежища от метеоритов?

Researchers have long paid attention to scattered on the deserts of North Africa hundreds of beautiful green «diamond» (so-called «Libyan glass»). They emit a mysterious glow, round-shaped, like glass and reflect the light.

Anything like this on Earth is not found. On the rocks was only noticed in 1972, when the expedition brought 24 specimens from the Libyan desert.

Libyan desert glass

Пирамиды строились как убежища от метеоритов?

A sort of stone can form if to heat the sand to extremely high temperatures. And then the scientists wondered, how could take a thousand-degree Inferno that melted the African desert.

Chandra Wickramasinghe concluded that the heat came from space, and precious stones originated in those moments when an asteroid, meteorite or a fragment of a comet crashed into the earth.

Just to protect from attacks from space, the pharaohs began to build for himself and his entourage of superbia in the form of pyramids. It was the theory of defense from asteroids can explain why the pyramids had such cyclopean dimensions, original location and form, and void spaces.

According to the hypothesis of Professor Wickramasinghe, the Earth regularly every 1,500 years catches up with bombardment from space by small meteorites, which, although not produce a universal catastrophe, however, capable of changing climatic conditions on a large area. And not just North Africa, along with the adjacent areas and were under attack.

The ancient Egyptians were not lucky, and they are in the heyday of their mysterious civilization brought upon themselves «the wrath of the stars.» Green stone, likely formed as a result of a hard landing of the asteroid weighing millions of tons; from the explosion melted the sand, and diamond spray flew for hundreds of miles around.

The Egyptians found stones and, apparently, knew about their origin as the result of something terrible that had flown from the Universe. They used green diamonds in ritual jewelry to protect against future disasters.

The scarab is made from the desert glass

Пирамиды строились как убежища от метеоритов?

Pyramid shelters began to be erected at the Pharaoh Sneferu, the founder of the fourth dynasty. They had the perfect structure for reflection of shock waves in the explosion in the atmosphere of asteroids and comets. The pyramid was located at a sufficient distance from each other so that one direct hit destroyed them all.

Sneferu’s son Khufu built the Great pyramid in the desert of Giza. For the next 200 years in the wilderness occurred two large pyramids. They all have perfect geometry, and the planes are well oriented to the cardinal. And they are placed on the ground relative to each other in exactly the same way as the three brightest stars of Orion’s Belt.

Identified and another link with Orion. A tunnel from the Central chamber of the great pyramid pointing directly at the brightest star in Orion’s Belt when it is most noticeable in the night sky.

The Wickramasinghe believes that Orion was the place where, according to observations from the Ground, arose and rushed us to the asteroids. And now streams of meteors comes at us with Orion.

Not so long ago American scientists found in the Egyptian desert «bomb shelter» built for ordinary people. It was pierced with a fine touch, and on the floor lay the remains of people who at the last moment tried to defend himself and covered hands to the head.

Studying the rings on the cut tree also indicates the disasters that took place at that time. They were caused by the clouds of dust that blanketed the sky. The marks found on the cut of an ancient oak tree and dated 2354-2345 years before our era, when an asteroid led to the decline of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom.

The next wave of meteorites, according to tree ring, roughly dates back to the 600 century ad. The Scriptures of the time accurately captures the nature abounded in the chaos.

«In the year 599 star shoots here and there and hovered like a flock of locusts» — said in Islamic texts. Other sources indicate: «the Sun darkened, and the darkness lasted for 18 months. And when the sun appeared, it has lost its brightness. The fruits are not ripening, there was a terrible hunger.»

It was then came the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Wickramasinghe predicted that humanity is approaching the next period of cosmic bombardment, which may begin in the twenty-first century. However, it remains a mystery where all the ancient Egyptians were able to obtain information on the protective construction of the pyramids and who helped them build. Surely everything will have to be attributed to aliens?

This question demands an urgent answer if only because in the end of 2012, the world community was agitated by a rumour that would in Giza, near the pyramids, discovered a giant underground complex extending deep into the three tiers. What you do not have a bomb shelter?

Now researchers are attacking the administration of Egypt in order to seek permission for the excavation of the mysterious complex.

Author: S. Zigunenko., from the book «Threat from space»

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