Miraculous recovery: the resin-a resin cured gangrene

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I want to talk about the case of a miraculous recovery, the witness of which I was. It happened in a rural hospital of Yakutia.

In Cagda (Aldan district) nurses annually cleansed the hospital from chips. Wood for the ovens hospital supplied the forestry. We store them in the woodpile, where they were well insufflated by the wind and dried up. But after stacking wood in the territory remained a large number of chips. When the snow melts, it is raked with a rake into piles and burned. And so every spring.

Once in the may Sunny and warm day, after finishing cleaning of the territory, we lit the pile of wood chips and saw to it that the flames did not spread. The mood was wonderful, and the weather was good — though the wind blew.

Чудесное выздоровление: Как смола-живица вылечила гангрену

Idyll was broken by the shout of one of the patients walking on the veranda of the hospital. Turning toward the shout, I saw that the guy points on the roof of the shed. And there were dancing flames! Apparently, the wind brought the coals. I did not have time to Orient, as he saw from the roof of the flaming Board.

It turned out, was not taken aback the caretaker of the hospital Hope Pupkova. She climbed to the attic of a barn from the inside was to beat the boards to the roof and throw them down. The fire we extinguished quickly and without noticeable damage. All, of course, was grateful to the guy who noticed the fire started and alerted us.

But it is interesting that a week before the incident, the caretaker Hope bukvalno saved this patient from death.

He was a student of Novosibirsk Institute of water transport. During practice on the ship on the river Aldan to him by rope injured right hand, which led to gangrene of the limb.

The picture at admission to the hospital was terrible: swollen black and blue arm, swelling of the right half of the chest, high fever. In my opinion, the student was doomed — it would not have saved the life of even the amputation of the hands.

I was preparing to make the patient the so-called casual arrangement of Japanese pampas cut along the entire hand, while hopes for a positive effect was not. Pardon the pun: there was no hope, but there was a caretaker Hope!

It was at her insistence instead of cuts was applied folk remedy. The resin is the resin that is formed on the trunks of coniferous trees. And it, fortunately, in the hospital yard was a lot!

We collected about a pound of the resin was heated to make it soft. Made the cake and bandaged it to the brush of the patient. Of course, in addition, the patient received antibiotics and other medication, but, honestly, the success I was hoping for.

But, to my surprise, the next morning the patient was still alive and felt better. The pellet of the resin with was «nipples» blue-green pus.

We continued this unusual treatment. The same pattern was also observed in a day. Then, despite the still difficult condition of the patient, I believe in miracles — it will happen!

In five days he walked in the ward, his life is not threatened, the wound was pocivalo. Well, he then thanked us, I wrote in the beginning of the story.

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