Godforsaken place of Voronezh

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The anomalous zone, or, as said earlier, is a godforsaken place, people have noticed long ago. It would seem, usual place, same as everyone else, but happen it is constantly unpleasant events and accidents. There get into trouble, get hurt, and even killed people.

The intersection of the «houses of pain»

The godforsaken place in Voronezh is considered to be the crossroads on the Zastava square (the intersection of Plekhanov and Donbass). Here gathered in a single ensemble, several «houses of pain» – prison, hospital, morgue. Negative energy that you exude these places, deposited a thick layer at the intersection.

Гиблые места Воронежа

Here very often there are accidents, pedestrian accidents, which often end in death. The priests regularly go to the crossroads, but to save him from heavy burdens, even the Holy fathers could not, because of the «house of suffering» remain in place.

Road to nowhere

Earlier this place was called «road to nowhere». The overpass, which ran from the North bridge to the side street Burdenko, has long towered over the Park «Dynamo» as an absurd monument to unfinished bad construction.

Reached before that on the road, which was designed to relieve the Central streets of the city, began to grow trees right out of the asphalt. During its existence about a «road to nowhere» began to speak with a mystical connotation – on the overpass suddenly started permanently disappearing people. There were rumors that the road is actually an overpass in… other worlds.

Гиблые места Воронежа

In 2003, when a road junction completed and passed her motion, the accident started here one after another. First of all blamed the crumbling concrete and rebar.

But when the overpass was repaired, the number of accidents has not decreased – there are cases when both the overpass clashes 10-15 cars. Deathtrap, however.

The metaphysics of pyramids

Another cursed place Voronezh residents consider the intersection of the Moscow Avenue, street holzunova. The mystical explanation of the anomalies of this zone lies on the surface – the diagonal going through the intersection, connects the two places of death – Kominternivs cemetery and the monument of Glory, where the dead are buried in the battles for Voronezh soldiers.

Гиблые места Воронежа

Appeared in 2000 in the center of the intersection of pyramid only worsened the situation, according to some townspeople. Indeed, in the metaphysical pyramid is the energy device that can «suck» the energy of the surrounding world.

True or not, we reliably can not say, but the crossroads for a reason has a bad reputation and, like previous black spot, concentrating themselves near accidents and various emergencies.

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