The woman went for dill in the garden and… gone forever without a trace

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Once I read in the newspaper a small note, which tells about the disappearance of a young beekeeper. It was in Siberia. He was riding a motorcycle through the collective field. The motorcycle remained in place, and the man disappeared. Since that day nobody has seen him. Survived by his wife, two small children, elderly mother and a small apiary. The search for the missing in what have not resulted. I was surprised by the statistics: it turns out that in Russia every year vanish more than 10 thousand people!

In this regard, I remembered a similar story that I heard over 50 years ago. I’m a recent graduate of medical school, he worked as a doctor in the district hospital near Kostroma. Then a group of physicians, including me, went to a small village to spend the next routine inspection of the local residents.

We stayed at the rural medical station. A local paramedic, a man of about forty, have prepared the premises for the inspection in the gym of the local school. Good standing the last days of summer, and the kids were on vacation.

Женщина ушла за укропом в огород и... пропала навсегда без вести

After labor day the nurse led us to his home for dinner. We met pretty young woman and was immediately invited onto a veranda to the table. The village was two kilometers from the Volga river, so fish is on the table was plentiful. My wife helped my daughter twelve years old. The room with the kitten walked on his hands, another girl about three years old.

We were seated at the table. Someone poured himself a glass of home brew, and some infusion of red currant. It was noisy and fun. I went out to cool off in the yard and sat down on a bench, stood the old Apple-tree. Behind me came the master.

— You have a very nice wife. And the hostess is wonderful, ‘ I said.

The paramedic pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

This my second wife, and the older girl is the daughter from his first marriage, he said. — If you are in a hurry for the table, let’s sit down, I have something to tell you.

I nodded.

— With his first wife, Iryna, started the paramedic your story — I lived for seven years. Loved her very much. We come from the same village, grew up together, went to the same school but I was older than her by three years. After the seventh grade, I graduated from midwifery school and was sent to work in the village. In the same year I got married to Irina and brought her to him. I got home, but I rebuilt it myself, attached a porch.

We lived together, almost never fight, Ira helped me even in the work, and after graduation became the Director of a rural library. We have a daughter.

So about 10 years ago, almost the same number we had guests. The teacher of the school, an old friend of mine with his wife, local police, which for some reason brought a dog, and a friend of his wife with a girl — the same age as our daughter. We also, like today, sat on the veranda and chatted. Friend has put on the table a pot of new potatoes. The teacher was responsible for the meat, the wife cut vegetables from our garden, and I was in charge of alcohol and supported the fire in the furnace.

The wife put the knife in the side, said: «Run for fennel,» and disappeared behind the door.

It took about a quarter of an hour. All filled shot glasses, put into hot plates of potatoes, meat, and awaited the coming of young mistress.

— You have to hurry, ‘said one,’ there is no strength to wait.

I went out on the porch. On the ground sprawled a dog the district. When he saw me, he wagged his tail, waiting for a bone from the table. Wife was not visible. I walked around the house, inspected the site, even looked in the greenhouse. The gate was locked on the inside bolt, and I went back to the house.

— What happened? — asked the policeman. On your face there.

— Irku can’t find, ‘ I replied. — For the plot it out, it seems, could not.

And outsiders did not come to you, the dog will give voice. I told her to guard, — said the policeman and stood up. She’s now in one minute you will find your beloved.

He took a sneaker wife lying at the door, and we went out on the porch. The dog happily screamed and began to jump around the owner. The policeman shoved under her nose sneaker and said, «Look!» The dog spun on the spot and soon came to the tree, around which we now sit. There were only one rubber boot. These overshoes we usually stood in the hall, we wore them when we had to go outside, on land or in greenhouse.

Look, ‘ said the policeman, patting the dog on the head. The dog ran around the tree, drooping tail, and whined.

— I don’t understand, ‘ muttered the policeman, — it has a beautiful scent, any human smell from a mile away.

Wife that night just disappeared as if vanished into thin air. To go far, she could not, moreover, in one boot and a thin holiday dress. We that day did not quarrel, she was in a good mood. Mother-in-law lived for three dozen kilometers away. Ira was not in the habit of abandoning my daughter and go to her mother.

Женщина ушла за укропом в огород и... пропала навсегда без вести

…The officer with his shaggy dog walked around the whole village. The teacher gathered the students of the senior classes, and they explored the nearby forest and the shore of the Volga. But all was in vain, and Ira they are not found. The investigator came from Kostroma, made the report. Gradually the search ceased.

The paramedic paused and sighed.

— See that stone? he said the underlying at the Apple boulder. — A year after Irina disappeared, I found him in the woods. The shape of the Shoe resembles. It, if a little to dream up, can be seen the letter «I». I’m on a cart wheeled him to his yard and put on the place where we found the boot. Next he breaks the bench. Some nights I come here and remember their Ira. You will not believe it, but I sometimes think that she is somewhere near. Once dozed, and it seemed to me that I hear her voice. «Marry says. — Hard for you daughter to raise. And lonely…» I have listened, and five years later married again. I even Irene’s mother said that it was a prophetic dream and need to fulfill the desire of her daughter.

Half a century has passed since then, and I still remember this story.

What happened to Irina? Fell into some time vortex that teleported to another dimension or, perhaps, she was abducted by aliens? No reasonable explanation does not occur.

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