In Ukhta was filming the fire and caught fire ran in the dark the silhouette

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The inhabitant of Ukhta Arina Dubinnikov found in one of the videos of the fire in the village a distant black spot. Citizens are unable to explain what it is. However, many mistook him for a man:

— Like a Ghost, already uneasy, wrote in comments to the video.

Dark polarity silhouette very quickly runs right to left on a background of fire

В Ухте снимали пожар и засняли пробежавший в огне темный призрачный силуэт

— Not a Ghost, but clearly not representative of our measurements. The object is real and he likes it there — suggested users.

But there were skeptics who tried to explain what it is:

— At the same time broke more than a dark puff of smoke and moves at the same speed and direction, — say the residents.

However, to explain this phenomenon exactly no one.

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