«UFO hunter» from Tennessee caught in the sky a very strange object

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Of the tens of thousands of photos of the sky, which is a resident of Tennessee, has done over the past seven years, the picture received July 16, 2017, was the strange and mysterious object that ever fell into the lens of his camera.

Every time Dan from Nashville is on the hunt for the day a UFO, he films from 800 to 1500 photos. On average, he is able to catch one object in a thousand photos. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there may be two or three, but it happens very rarely.

«UFO very fast and are impossible to see with regular sight. However, when I upload the photos to your computer, I very carefully looking at each picture, says avid «hunter». — So I got a few images of particularly interesting vehicles».

In addition to photos, Dan takes another minute video, which then plays on the computer at the slowest speed. These methods are time consuming and require tremendous patience, but, according to Nevelskogo observer of the heavens, it is the only way to catch a UFO.

The object, filmed by Dan on 16 July 2017 (with a different colour treatment)

"Охотник за НЛО" из Теннесси заснял в небе очень странный объект

Sunday, 16 July 2017, Dan went to his favorite national Park Cheatham, located to the West of Nashville to shoot some one-minute videos of the sky with a 40-fold increase.

«When I reviewed the video on his computer, I saw something I had never encountered. In my archive there is a metal UFO, a ship from any biological material and just strange celestial phenomena, but the strange anomaly, which I took that day to compare with anything impossible! The only thing I can say to somehow describe what hit the lens of my camera is «flying humanoid».

Dan argues that firmly believes in the infinity of the Universe and the diversity of lives, but until that time were only interested in UFOs.

He began to search for information related to this phenomenon on the Internet, but found nothing that could though somehow to correspond to the received image.

«I honestly thought it was some kind of unknown bird, which, of course, it’s a good excuse for the naysayers. But, having studied the photo using a variety of methods, I want to say that this is something very mystical and incomprehensible.»

In the picture Dan indeed see a mysterious figure with exposed over head arched formations, which in a fraction of seconds turned from a vertical to a horizontal position and flew to the right of the observer.

The photographer admits that failing to estimate the size and height of the object due to the large increase, besides the sky had no clouds, no flying machines for comparison.

«I thank Lona Strickler because he shared this photo on their website, as I can no longer hold it in,» says Dan, for whom, it seems, it was a burden.

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