Father Vasily from Novokuznetsk twice a week works as a exorcist

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Отец Василий из Новокузнецка дважды в неделю работает экзорцистом

In Russia there are almost no practitioners of the mysterious and macabre ritual, which in the West is called exorcism. The official science does not undertake to explain what is actually happening on a horrible session for the expulsion of demons. And the Patriarch Kirill said that even he was afraid to see how regular-looking people a out evil.

Church of St. John the Warrior, on the outskirts of Novokuznetsk, is literally on the way to hell is right behind him Zyryanovskaya mine, which killed 67 miners. Father Basil chases the demons twice a week — on Mondays and Thursdays. 20 years ago, father Basil rebuilt the old barracks to the temple, and discovered his unusual gift. Themselves the demons in his presence experiencing the torments of hell.

Отец Василий из Новокузнецка дважды в неделю работает экзорцистом

Every time he starts amchitka (as in the Orthodox Church is called the rite of exorcism), as in the temple begins is going on, even the saints fans. The whole country priest from the Urals occurred 10 years ago, thanks to TV and talkative demon Baba Luba.

Since pilgrims wishing to exorcise evil spirits of all kinds, there is no release. And the locals BES start punctually.

To combat the evil father Basil has his good old vegetable oil. The other would put the production of oil additives antiperovskite on stream, but still could sue a brand Mikhalkov’s «Besogon». But the priest labors alone costs a robe possessed tear, the oil spill, the bruises ponastavili.

Отец Василий из Новокузнецка дважды в неделю работает экзорцистом

Science occurring in the temple can not explain, so just in case, is skeptical. Psychiatrist Vladimir fainzilberg diagnoses — a mass psychosis.

And in the Church there are those who are techniques of his father Basil is not shared and even criticizes. Father Anatoly — the education neurologist who runs a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics and drug addicts. This also often bring those who need help after seemingly healing rites of exorcism.

Отец Василий из Новокузнецка дважды в неделю работает экзорцистом

But the people of the Abashevo demonic anomalies sure their life runs its course only through the intercession of father Basil. After all, every day together with the parishioners in the Church way, and demons, and begins his watch.

And every resident of a small mining town, even scary to imagine what it would be, not whether they have this shield that protects the fragile world from evil forces, says our correspondent Yuliya Shatilova.

Details — in the video NTV.

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