Things that have killed their masters

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Вещи, которые убили своих хозяевThere are many stories about how things have brought death to their masters. The mechanism of this phenomenon still remains unsolved, but the facts speak for themselves — the damned things exist, and they bring death…



Diamond «Hope»

This gem came to Europe along with 24 stones by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, according to legend, the diamond «Hope» was left (punishing) eye Eastern deity Rama. As Tavernier was the official supplier of the stones for Louis 14, stone was the king, he in turn gave the gem to his favorite. The first victim stone was Tavernier-he tore the pack of dogs, followed him into disfavor with the king were the mistress and the stone returned again to Louis, after which he died from gangrene, stepping while dancing on a nail. The next owner of the stone was Marie — Antoinette who was killed during the revolution.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

Thanks to the following owner, the stone acquired its name, Henry hope diamond was named in his honor and died suddenly of an unknown illness, his son has been poisoned, and his grandson is devastated.

The couple who owned the stone sank in 1912, traveling on the Titanic.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

On the way stone killer stood a woman — Evelyn Walsh McLean, who defied the public opinion about this stone. The woman was sure that if the stone is to sanctify, there is nothing wrong with it not to happen, partly because happened. She wore the stone is not shooting, gave it to his young son and even wore it on the neck of your beloved dog, but at the age of 9 years old kid got hit by a car and died, the eldest daughter died at her own hands, and her husband left the family and died in a psychiatric hospital. On his deathbed, Evelyn bequeathed a necklace with a stone my grandsons, who immediately sold it to the jeweler.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

Jeweler Harry didn’t believe in fairy tales about the lethality of stone and exposed it to the public, the money collected was spent on charity, and later transferred to the Smithsonian Institute. Perhaps because of this he was still alive.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

Chair Busby

History of the chair-killer began in 1702, when a young rowdy Thomas Busby was convicted of the murder of a man he had beaten to death a rival with a hammer. The court sentenced him to death. Before the sentence comes into force, Thomas was allowed to fulfill his last wish — to drink a glass of whiskey at the bar, sitting on his favorite chair. After drinking a glass he looked at everyone in the bar and said that everyone sat down on his chair would die. Soon he was hung, and the dying speech of Thomas has become an urban legend, nobody in the past 10 years sat on his chair.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

The first victim of the chair became a chimney sweep, he came into a bar, and free places were not available, so he sat down on the ill-fated chair, despite the disapproving roar of the crowd. The next day the chimney sweep fell from the roof of the house.

1967 was rich in self-confident people who are ready to test their fate. Two young pilot did not believe in the ancient legend, and in turn sat on the cursed chair in a few hours after departure from the bar, their car was found broken, both guys were killed. This same ill-fated year in the chair decided to sit the Sergeant of the British army, a few days later, completely healthy and full of energy Lieutenant died in a military hospital from an unknown illness.

But not only arrogant fools were victims of the curse of Thomas Busby, the cleaning lady accidentally sat on this chair when mopping the floors and almost fell, barely a few weeks, as the woman died of brain cancer.

In order to avoid new victims, the bar owner moved the chair over the fence, the local priest has repeatedly consecrated the chair, but these measures have not helped, because if a person wants to do something, he will do it! The last two victims of the chair-killers were two American women, both were confident that they will survive after «get-togethers» on a chair, one of the women died as a result of breakage of Elevator cable, the second was torn to death by a pack of dogs.

For all time of existence of the legend, 65 people have died, to avoid further casualties, the chair was placed in the local Museum, where he was attached to the wall at a height of 1.5 meters and hung a sign with the legend and the names of all the victims.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

Spider Porsche 550 «Little Bastard»

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

«Little bastard» so called your brand new Porsche is young, talented and very popular actor of 50 years James Dean. Incredible story associated with this machine began when actor Alec Guinness and screenwriter Thelma moss failed to get a private table in a cafe, and they were asked to sit at the table to James Dean. After lunch all three went out of the cafe and saw a brand new Porsche, James, Alec, the car seemed ominous, and unexpectedly for himself he told James he was going to die if you sit behind the wheel of this car, James ignored him and left. In exactly seven days, in the desert, at a speed of 150 km/h, the car crashed into a Cadillac. The reporter reported about the incident in one sentence — «James Dean — broken neck – immortality».

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

The next victim of the infernal machine became a fan of James Dean — Angela Peri, which had purchased all that remained from the car. She recovered a Porsche, and decided to ride it to the crash site she was convinced that the machine will tell her what happened to her idol. Later in the evening at a speed of 150 km/h, the Porsche drove into the oncoming lane and rammed the car, Angela has died on the spot, without regaining consciousness from a broken neck. The surviving driver said that the car suddenly drove into the oncoming lane.

The next victim of the machine was a mechanic, worked in the Studio of George Barris bought what was left of the car, a pile of metal broke loose and crushed a mechanic, but he survived. Burris set tires Porsche into another car and the first trip accident where the driver was left disabled.

«Particles» evil car went to other cars, so the engine went to the surgeon who participated in Amateur racing, in the end, the car flipped, the driver miraculously survived, but the wheel loose from the car, shot a COP. Another NASCAR driver fan suffered due to the rear steering knuckle Porsche during the race, the driver lost control, crashed into a tree and died. But even after these events, George Barris decided to restore the car of a famous actor for transportation of the body of the Porsche, the truck turned over, the driver managed to jump out of the car and survived, but as soon as he approached the body of the «bastard» fell on him, causing the driver died.

Two more fans were injured while trying to steal the steering wheel and blood-stained piece of upholstery, first broke his arm, and a second was hospitalized.

After all these incidents, George Barris decided to hide the remains of the car, but he was persuaded to give it for the exhibition on road safety, after the third showing of the exhibition, the garage where all the cars were burned, except of course the «little bastard».

At the exhibition in 1959 and refurbished Porsche suddenly collapsed into 11 pieces, none of those present on the spot mechanics could not explain how this could happen.

In 1960, the car again was used for the exhibition of traffic safety, but during his transportation to Los Angeles, he disappeared.

Вещи, которые убили своих хозяев

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