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История бородатой женщины (фото)Disease and mutation: the History of bearded women. After 152 years after death of Julia Pastrana, Norway will give Mexico its mummified remains. The news August 3, reported the Norwegian news Agency the Local. At the time, the name Pastrana rattled by the whole world: «the monkey woman» by the same troupe of freaks have traveled to many countries and everywhere it was received with enthusiasm.

The girl from overseas

In the summer of 1858 in the newspaper «Vedomosti the Moscow city police» has published a small announcement: «In the garden «Hermitage» on Thursday, June 3, great fun and musical evening, which arrived in this capital phenomenon is the famous miss Julia Pastrana the first time will have the honour to appear before the Moscow public. The entry price of 1 ruble 50 kopecks in silver per person. Children pay half.»

Who would have thought that this small post would cause such a great interest?! The Hermitage once occupied the crowds who want to see foreign «monster». The host institution, which was supposed to be a female monster, biting his elbows: his shed could not accommodate all comers. On the day of submission of the institution was taken by assault. To restore order, had to call the police.

For and against

Julia Pastrana gave in Moscow a dozen submissions, not counting the «visits of politeness». Ugly was Maholyou: during the evening several times changed costumes, appearing in the guise of a Greek goddess, the American sailor, daring Spaniard. The actress was walking down the hall, triumphantly walked around the room, smiling seductively and letting the audience touch you, and those who sat in the gallery, blowing kisses. Then went up on stage and started to sing and dance. Her Spanish dance was not without a certain elegance, but with the voice of Julia was in trouble. But the audience is never confused as an ugly face of the artist. The author of one of the articles confessed that looked at the performance with a heavy feeling and asks the reader: «Why do we drive this woman into the crowd, as a scientist of the beast?» Another grumbled that «…the victim of a whim of nature became a toy a greedy miser». Among the opponents of the «show» was the famous poet Fyodor Tyutchev, who wrote on 21 June 1858 wife: «recently for a big meeting that happens twice a week in his Park, all the better to enjoy the disgusting Julia Pastrana, which was invited to lunch for 200 rubles and made the evening walking arm in arm with gentlemen of this elegant company. There is a famous boorish (canaille) style, which stands out very well on a gold background». But rare the voices of the humanists, did not hide his indignation unhealthy public interest in deformities poor woman was drowning in the sea of enthusiastic responses. Lawyer Anatoly Koni described the Julia quite differently: «a Beautifully proportioned woman with a pleasant voice and with the face of a big hairy APE resembling a cross between a gorilla and a baboon».

Scary as much horror

So how is it looked Pastrana? Please refer to the description of a contemporary: «her Hands are beautiful slender legs, but hit the face! The ears are huge, black eyes, quick and in shape is long and narrow. The forehead is low and flattened, the nose broad and absolutely no cartilage, head hair, beard and whiskers black as pitch, and in General, the whole face covered with them». And here is another portrait: «Cheeks, her chin covered with thick hair. Mustaches are quite rare. Ears — dark shreds of hair. The back of the head, chest, hands also covered with hair.» While Julia was not mentally retarded, moreover, knew several languages, could well support conversations on any topic. She quickly mastered the art of circus, although called «art» her statement was a stretch. However, according to other sources, the woman-monster had the gift of speech, and on stage is only performed strange movements, completely arbitrary and devoid of any sense. But the audience and that was enough.

Mowgli Mexican

About Julia Pastrana was a lot of speculation that one of them is true and what is false now to check difficult. It was said that she the daughter of a great APE and the women, kidnapped the four-legged. As a child, she found the peasants in the mountain forests of the Sierra Madre of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, away from populated areas. She suffered from hypertrichosis: her face and body, except palms and soles were completely covered with straight black coarse hair. Ears and nose were unusually large as the teeth strongly protruding, making her look like a gorilla. Her height was 138 cm by the Way, her description left Charles Darwin himself, according to which, Pastrana, despite the ugliness, she seemed to understand and was kind and friendly woman. Darwin can you believe, for goodness, in the end, I failed poor.

Stellar career

Julia worked as a maid in semiregularity of Sinaloa, Pedro Sanchez, until one day accidentally met with a resourceful American M. Wright. He immediately realized that in this appearance you can earn, and quickly persuaded Julia to perform in the circus. Her first appearance as an exhibit in a freak show was held in the Gothic hall of new York. She then appeared in Cleveland, but with a different impresario (and most likely, the new owner) by the name of the beach. There she took part in formal balls and military parades, and the soldiers were lined up to dance with her. Then went to London with a new Manager Theodore Lenton (according to other sources — Lewis B. Lenta). Tapes taught her to dance, to play musical instruments and took on a world tour under the name «Bearded and hairy lady». In 1857, in Germany, the Tapes were faced with the problem – the authorities banned its performance for the immorality. According to the scenario of a young man in love with a girl, never even knew what a freak he was dealing with. And she, in his absence, opened the face, covered with a veil, and showed the audience their flaws. The audience fell out laughing. But the police in the room didn’t seem funny. Theodore along with his artists were expelled from the country. So rogue was in Russia. Here with prima theatre had a big embarrassment.

The mummy returns

There were rumors that Julia suffers from a lack of fans. Most likely, gossip original Tapes: secretly he wanted it profitable to give his protégé to marry and spend rest of his life somewhere in warm place to raise money for it. Anyway, during the tour Julia… was pregnant. In 1860, she gave birth to a child, all covered with hair. The baby lived a few days, and she Pastrana died of postpartum complications five days later. Tapes persuaded Sokolova Professor of Moscow University to mummify mother and child, and then put the mummy in the glass Cabinet and began to put on display. Sokolov filed for him in court: Theodore promised mummy anatomical Institute of the Moscow University. But Tapes unexpectedly won the case – who could imagine that this rascal was secretly married to Pastrana! After the scandal he was kicked out of Russia along with the mummies. For a time he even toured Europe, later found a similar ugly, married her and named Zeno Pastrana. A traveling group for some time, had traveled across countries, while the scammer ended up in a mental hospital. Zeno sold mummies, and for some time they disappeared from public view. They showed up in 1921 in Norway have a certain Mr. Lund, who demonstrated them in his «Room of horrors». During the German occupation, the new owner had convinced the Germans that mummies can make money, and in so doing saved from destruction. So the mummy «survived» until our days. Until 1970-ies, they were exhibited, and then, under public pressure, the exhibition was closed. In August 1976, vandals broke into the vault, disfigured the mummy of a child, and her remains eaten mouse. Mother was more fortunate. In 1979 she was placed in the Institute of forensic medicine in Oslo, which is later forgotten. In 1990, she was found in a sealed coffin at the Department of anatomy, University of Oslo. In 1994, the Norway Senate recommended to bury her, but the Minister of Sciences decided to keep the body that scientists could conduct research with him. Finally, in 2012, the Norwegian authorities decided to return the body to Mexico. Maybe Julia Pastrana will finally be peace in their homeland, according to the materials .


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