Scientists have studied the power of weapons of the ancient Chinese terracotta army

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Scientists have studied the power of weapons of the ancient Chinese terracotta army. Scientists have found that the weapons of the ancient Chinese terracotta army was so powerful that it could easily penetrate the armor of the enemy.

Ученые исследовали мощность оружия древнекитайской терракотовой армии

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Terracotta army — a burial of more than eight thousand full-size terracotta statues of Chinese warriors who are believed to have been created to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang after his death. The Emperor died in about the year 210 BC, and this time is dated the creation of the clay soldiers and clay 520 horses. The terracotta army of similarities with the real soldiers were painted pink, red, green and blue colors, wherein each of the shapes is different from other unique traits, and even facial expression.

The first burial near the city of XI’an, about a mile from the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the local farmers found in 1974. Since experts are involved in archeological digs. Their third, the last phase began in June 2009. Previously, scientists have determined that the weapons of the terracotta army was real, and not made of clay, like the warriors. In the new study, experts decided to test its power.

For this, they made exact copies found in the grave of arrowheads and armor of the 2nd century BC, «contemporaries» terracotta figures. Then, using a crossbow of the same period, they shot at the armor and found that the bolt easily broke through it.

«These arrows for two millennia has exceeded their time,» — said the expert on weapons of the ancient world, whose words are given in the publication.

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