Holidaymaker in Hurghada took pictures of a flying object UFO (photo)

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Holidaymaker in Hurghada took pictures of the flying object, a UFO. Unexplained phenomena was observed by the tourists in Hurghada. Going on a sea cruise, passengers on the ship saw a flying object UFO. One of the guests who is a professional photographer, took pictures of the flying machine elliptical shape, which is very similar to a UFO.

Отдыхающий в Хургаде сделал снимки летающего объекта НЛО (фото)

An unidentified flying object was moving from the beach to the mountains at high speed. However, he did not utter a sound.

Egyptian authorities declared at once that have no relation to this flying machine. «unidentified flying objects in the skies over Hurghada has not been fixed,» — said the Minister of environment of Egypt Leila Iskander. «Perhaps the picture shows the incident in the desert the old moon or some bright star approached the Earth,» she said.

However, tourists do not believe in the logical explanation. They continue to claim that he saw an unidentified flying object UFO.

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