In the United States will be looking for Bigfoot with drones (video)

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The US launched a project in which experts will be looking for Bigfoot with drones. They should be fairly quiet, but powerful and with high-quality cameras. Need drones produces a canadian company, RATS Inc. Her airships similar to catamarans. Their length reaches 15 meters. One such drone is 220-260 thousand dollars, left him «pull» for 60 thousand dollars. Therefore, scientists are now collecting funds to purchase drones.

В США будут искать снежного человека с помощью беспилотников (видео)

Also, the project assumes a ground investigative rapid response team. Researchers not only want to fix the fact of the existence of Bigfoot in the video, but get in contact with these creatures. For example, the principal investigator Jeff Meldrum said about the idea to hide a tracking device in a banana, which later will give the Yeti. Interestingly, despite the absurdity of the idea, the University of Idaho has already given permission for this project.

In December, personnel of the border Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation for Ingushetia in the forest in Dzheirakh district of Ingushetia caught a strange two-meter-like creature Bigfoot. A strange animal, like a gorilla, about two meters tall, which stands upright like a man, growling and making weird noises». The creature was taken to a local zoo.

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