Forgotten prophecies albert Robida

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Forgotten prophecies albert Robida. It is no secret that some have the gift of foresight, able to see into the future. Many of these people we know. But there are unknown or forgotten by the prophets…

Забытые пророчества Альбера Робиды


The Frenchman albert Robida was amazing destiny. He seemed to have lived several lives, for they possess many great talents: he was an artist, a science fiction writer and, in addition, was able to look into the future. And laugh at him. His brilliant foresight and drawings still amaze. Possessing enormous capacity for work and extensive knowledge, he has written 54 books, providing them with thousands of travelers 55 illustrations.

Albert Robida was born may 14, 1848, drawing started very early — in elementary school. In 18 years, made his debut as a cartoonist in «Interesting newspaper», and in 23 years became a member of the editorial Board of the luxurious magazine «Parisian life», cooperated with the Viennese satirical magazine «Filipon», where worked world-famous cartoonist Daumier and the famous Illustrator Gustave doré.

In 1883, in Paris, published a book by albert Robida «Twentieth century» a few years later the «Electrical life». Soon the books were even translated into Russian language. They had a lot of exciting, interesting and very instructive. Robida not only described the «technical wonders of the coming century», and with great sorrow told about that we many will come to regret, because humanity is reckless, and amazingly short-sighted. This thought Robida illustrated on the first page of the «Electric life»: the Hoary Genius priladiv to three-wheeled bike as the front wheel, the globe, and overthrown the Faith, Hope, and Love, riding and racing in time and space on a huge spiral. Under the picture is an eloquent inscription: «Forward, without looking back.»

Leafing through this book now, you wonder, what amazing insight he foresaw the coming technological progress and the events awaiting humanity.

«Electric life» begins with the description of «terrible catastrophe» that occurred on a powerful power plant under the letter «14» (nuclear?) because of the accident of the «big tank» (reactor?): «In the afternoon of 12 December 1955, owing to some accident… broke out over the whole of Western Europe a terrible electrical storm, causing deep disturbances within public life…» Despite the fact that the date given with an error of more than 30 years, the current reader could not help thinking about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant…

Wrote albert Robida and about our achievements in engineering and interplanetary flights, «Electricity is an inexhaustible source of heat, light and mechanical power… drives like a huge huge number of cars on millions of factories, and the most delicate mechanisms of improved physical devices. It instantly conveys the sound of voices from one end of the earth to another, eliminates the limit of human vision and is in the air… man…

Not content with the fact that electric energy is a powerful instrument of production, light, mouthpiece, transmitting the voice at any distance… and in the interplanetary space (telephony from one heavenly body to another, although not yet solved in a satisfactory manner, but apparently nearing resolution), electricity performs, and a thousand other responsibilities. By the way, is in the hands of man is also a weapon on the battlefield is a deadly and formidable…»

As a result of scientific discoveries we read in the novel as follows: it became possible to grow people in test tubes — has many advantages, including perfect genes, and almost non-human disadvantages; the generals of France works the methods of «chemical and medical (bacteriological?) war»; in the «laboratory miasma» accidentally breaks a vial of very dangerous pathogenic bacteria, and Paris instantly an epidemic of a new, unknown disease, reminiscent of the «plague of the XX century» — AIDS.

All these events are unfolding against the background of a love story, but readers of the time fascinated and aroused intense interest not a love story, and the illustrations Robida: the enormous air ships, air race, for «screw the aircraft,» the air crews and convertibles image of underground, telephonoscope (TV and the video-telephone), the phonograph, chemical artillery shells, torpedoes and submarine battleships…

The aeronaut Santos Dumont was in awe of the drawings of albert Robida on them (!) built several of his «air in airships» in which «moored» directly to the balcony of Parisians, suddenly appeared at balls and receptions. Saying a short speech about technical progress, effectively illuminated by flashes of newspaper reporters, he left the collection as well as arrived at it through the window. Exactly as in the novel, where he is Robed claimed that in 1955, the Paris will look quite amazing: the sky will fly «air yachts and convertibles», prisalivaya to the «landing» on the roofs of houses (for this reason the numbering of floors in buildings will be carried out from above), the city will completely entangle the network wiring, underground and over it will stretch a giant «pipe underground, and electropneumatic that will allow people to cross France from end to end in a short time.» Parisians will live «in houses of glass and faux granite» using the «refractory plastic and tubular aluminium.» Building height of 10-11 m will be crystallised builders on the spot from the Foundation. An indispensable attribute of the interior of each home will be telephonoscope that will allow the residents of Paris by simply pressing the buttons to listen a «telegazeta» with news, business advertising, lectures or music. Telephonoscope will give the chance «to visit relatives and to be away from home». The kitchens in the houses are missing as unnecessary, since the Parisians can order ready-made dinners for telephonoscope or feed «concentrates in the form of pills.»

Забытые пророчества Альбера Робиды


Albert Robida believed that chemistry as a science to reach the highest level and will find wide application in the national economy. With the help of chemistry will be restored fertility in the soil. Seeds will be elektroosnastka to stimulate their germination and growth.

He reports about some other fantastic things that aroused the interest and at the same time the alarm in the nineteenth century, for Example, that people of the XX century will be much faster to wear out the nervous system and the French in 45 years will be able to meet seventy year old. Therefore becomes necessary rejuvenation «in the frenetic rush of life.» The revival of the aging of the body will be carried out in special apparatus under special caps which Robida depicted in the illustrations.

Albert Robida predicted that Paris will prosper «fotozhivopisi» and «photo panels» on the walls, and the stories will all the time change (indeed, such panels are now created). In aquariums will float «electric fish», indistinguishable from the real thing. In General people will learn to fake everything, especially food, and everywhere will be selling ersatz.

In the seas and oceans will hunt the «elusive underwater milanoski different countries.» In this regard, Robida describes in detail the large-scale exercises of the armed forces of France, with the participation of electrobombas of armor (tanks). Humanity will begin to move in a huge Antarctica.

He cautioned, however, that the man of the XX century many technological wonders and crazy speed can terminally bored: «Frantically-hastily-existence among contaminated by the monstrous smoke of factories will force a person to run from anything he created, in search of silence and a SIP of clean air…» «What an amazing sight for our descendants will be a live horse, spectacle brand new and full of the greatest interest for people accustomed to flying through the air!». People will treat tranquility in boarding houses, where they will be special music and songs, and they will be happy that you escaped from the smoky towns, where the river is full of miasma, and the water in them is almost not drinkable…

Wrote 130 years ago albert Robida, author and other novels: «the War in the XX century», «Paris at the crossroads of centuries» (history of Paris in the drawings), «Travel in the land of sausage»…

His latest science fiction novel «the Hours of the past centuries» (about the consequences of nuclear war) was translated into Russian language in 1904 it Robida described the events that await humanity due to the opposition of large and small States and because of the desire of some to gain at the expense of others; a technical invention (including a «bomb the size of a pea that can destroy the city») that will make some politicians extremely violent, which will inevitably lead to the «great disaster» and «great horror».

But Robida in this wonderful novel tells about humanity that has finally recovered from the «great terror», trying to unite again, creates a «Great Council protection of the mistakes of the past without politicians» and accept the new chronology: «the human Race, the survivors and not the deceased, at least fully, finally got better. The man came out of great tribulation, and began to traverse the furrows undertaken by his ancestors.» It is a pity that this prophecy is not yet…

One of the characters in the novel speaks the prophetic words: «the Communists, who will hold power tomorrow may be rough and not quite lawful basis, nepravelno the old order. The entire leadership of the country will be people of a special Central Committee (!), and half of its own population will be imprisoned…»

It remains a mystery how Robida in 1899 guessed the terminology of the revolution! By the way, in his memoirs, Maria Ulyanova wrote that their family was the book «the famous French cartoonist of Rabida, which Vladimir liked to consider.» Did she in some degree on Lenin? It is possible that affected it, like the «Communist Manifesto» of Marx and Engels.

Prophecies of Robey, as indeed his drawings, amused readers. Especially entertained them seemingly incredible assertion that, at the end of the XX century in England the Prime Minister is… a woman! Surprised and a prediction that the revolution would happen in Russia after the war in Europe.

Unfortunately, the novel has never been reprinted. Present-day readers certainly would’ve thought of fantasies, caused when the confusion and laughter and suddenly become realities of our turbulent times.

It is noteworthy that the humor Robey wins and in this book, a novel «Clock of past ages» ends with this: «Behind every era you can see a new behind each generation have heard the subsequent steps, which will take the stage when it strikes the hour on the clock of eternity.»

The prophet was destined to see the First world war and to learn about the use of mustard gas (once he described something like that); of a city destroyed by bombs dropped from zeppelins and planes, and many other accomplished his prophecy.

Died albert Robida, a honorable, in 1926

So what is a gift to albert Robida? Brilliant analysis based on existing in his time of technical inventions or fantastic gift? The gift of foresight, or even a prophecy? It is a pity that works of this man is almost forgotten and not studied by scientists…

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