Burning UFO captured in the night sky

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Unusual aerial phenomenon managed to capture on video last Saturday a resident of the English County of Somerset. People on Jeremy Lefevre was returning home in the evening and suddenly noticed in the sky a huge unidentified object that literally burned an orange flame, leaving the atmosphere thick smoky plume. Within a few minutes, the UFO changed its trajectory, and then just vanished into thin air.

Горящий НЛО запечатлели в ночном небе

Here is how it all myself witness:

I’ve never seen anything like it. This thing immediately attracted my attention and left me in complete confusion. Well I figured to get the phone and to remove this miracle on video. UFO burning lots of shimmering lights and left a glowing trail. I think it could be the fireworks or the drone. My first guess was that the accident aircraft, however it has been several days and nobody reported the news about the air crash. Do not rule out that it was a broken «flying saucer». Perhaps its remains are still somewhere out there in some deserted place.

It is noteworthy that the town of Warminster, located near the scene, for a long time been considered «British UFO sightings». In the sixties and seventies of the last century, there have repeatedly seen the burning lights, a mysterious glow and other celestial anomalies. Citizens heard at night strange noises coming from the sky, and even noticed in the vicinity of their village gray humanoid creatures scurrying in nature as some ghosts. All of these incidents received in the press called «cases in Warminster». And here new » alien invasion «…

Video: Burning UFO captured in the night sky

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