Wiltshire again decorated the circles

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Wiltshire, located in the South-West of England, was again decorated with mysterious drawings. June 16, 2016 on the Golden wheat field was a huge circle (see video below).

In the center of the picture is a large circle in the center of which laid a circle of small diameter with flattened spiral wheat. The contour of a great circle is a ring with evenly laid out four figures in the form of a dragon eye with a vertical pupil and four pieces having the shape of a trapezoidal labyrinth.

Compared with the previous more difficult works of the masters of the wheat painting, this drawing is pretty simple. Maybe that’s why skeptics believe that he did not mysterious aliens, and their enthusiastic followers are the earthlings?

Графство Уилтшир снова украсили круги на полях

Wiltshire is a kind of exhibition space for alien artists, as 90% of all

figures appear on the field in this County. Where they come from, and what value you have – still remains a mystery.

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