As an American couple found fossilized alien ship

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The story of a startling discovery, betrothed «Phoenician fortress», first published on the website of the journal «Viewzone Magazine» dedicated to human culture, David Campbell.

This discovery immediately interested American and foreign scientists and even journalists, although a detailed report of Campbell contained a lot of interesting details that could shed light on the distant past of our «blue ball». Of course, the staff of the media required a thorough examination «of the fortress» by scientists from various fields of science, to declare the sensations, and they also in no hurry.

Как американская пара нашла окаменевший корабль инопланетян

Born and raised David in the vicinity of Texas city of ROCKWALL. From a young age he was fascinated with the great wall of Texas, discovered in 1852 by three farmers and having a height of 12 meters, a length of 9 kilometers and a width of 5.6 meters. Studying the wall, an American came to the conclusion that it is a man-made object and is able to lead to a revision of human history.

Amazing discovery

The wife of our hero, sue worked as an editor for a small local newspaper «The Weekend Bandit», covering the history and events of the region. David, reading for leisure, this publication, found that at the beginning of this Millennium in the state was excavated by a mysterious wall. Campbell just remember that in 1949 near Texas wall found signs similar to the runes inscribed. The researcher used the Gazette’s wife to appeal to compatriots with the request to call him if anyone has information about unusual walls with ancient inscriptions.

Less than a week since his wife got a message from a reader who lived in Oklahoma city Colbert. Responded to the ad man told the couple about the meeting with the individual seeking in the mountains Kiamichi ancient arrowheads. Going into the labyrinth of mountain caves, he found there flat stones, covered with strange characters that looked like alien writing. But it was the most amazing. But please this man has discovered the remains of a humanoid that’s not a people. These bones and skulls were too small and the wrong aspect ratio in comparison with human skeleton.

The reader gave David and sue are the geographical coordinates of this place, but they were so vague that the couple almost nothing on hoping. However, the Campbells decided to tempt fate and went on a long camping trip.

Alien ship or fossilized organism?

After many hours of wandering through a mountain forest David and sue suddenly came upon a strange wall, the origin of which was, no doubt, artificial. The pair had never met such an unusual masonry: delicately carved and the stones were connected to each other, like the cells of a living organism. When struck by the couple rose higher, it revealed the true scale of their discoveries.

The stones, which contained, apparently, various metallic and mineral compounds, were tightly connected and formed like a honeycomb structure. The walls of the cells, incredibly dense and dark, was made of iron, however, carried to him the magnet did not attract. What is this stuff, Americans do not know still. Sue was involved in while shooting a mysterious place, and David decided to climb to the top of the man-made walls, or a «Phoenician fortress» as the pair called it later.

Как американская пара нашла окаменевший корабль инопланетян

David, Recalling his sensations, says that it seemed drenched in that moment, in ice water – so strong was produced by discovery impression. Under the feet of the men lay in a monstrous chaos of thousands of square meters of cut stones. This place looked, according to an eyewitness, as barbarians desecrated the cemetery. The researcher was convinced that he and his wife found the remains of a gigantic ancient wall. Later, local residents told the pair, you already know about this building and consider it the ruins of a huge mine-kiln once served the Aztecs to mining and smelting gold.

Despite the fact that the Campbells have not found there the remains of human beings, an article by David some time later, interested employees of the TV channel «Mystery History». Reporters compared the images of a «fortress» with the famous «Waffle rock» in West Virginia and an unidentified object lying at the bottom of the Baltic sea. In the end, the experts said that all these abnormal structures have a clear resemblance. Connected to the study of ufologists considered that it could be fragments of larger objects of extraterrestrial origin. So, the anomaly from Oklahoma may be a piece of alien aircraft that crashed into earth’s surface thousands or even millions of years ago. Over time fragments of this aircraft could simply petrify.

Alternative versions of the origin of the anomaly

After reporting on «Phoenician fortress» was shown on American cable television, the discovery of Campbells finally attracted the attention of scientists, ufologists, researchers, enthusiasts and fans of the paranormal. Began to move the many other theories about the nature of this object.

Video: American couple found fossilized alien ship

According to one, this object is fossilized remains of a tree of colossal dimensions, and «masonry» is a cell of the plant. Another hypothesis says that this is indeed the wreckage of the complex melting and the extraction of gold, belonged to the Indians. Explorers of the unknown flying objects and aliens, of course, convinced that the anomaly is related to the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Well skeptics, as you might expect, I think, that there is nothing supernatural here – this, they say, some not quite normal geological processes. Well, maybe eventually there will be new data that will allow scientists to get to the truth…

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