Alien technology and secret societies

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In a Universe full of people, and our planet is constantly visited by intelligent beings. The authorities are well aware of this, but carefully quiet, and even lying about the fact that the Earth is supposedly the only unique phenomenon in Creation…

Recently appears more and more information confirming that in the depths of some governments, in secret from all mankind being closed investigations of UFO technology and even contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Doubt this can, perhaps, an ignorant person. Too many disparate evidence develops into a single script.

Внеземные технологии и тайные общества

All this evidence, in particular, obtained in the United States according to the Law «On freedom of information» documents, inexorably point to the fact that the world is unprecedented in scale and significance policy secretsoftware UFO. Everything about her, persistently manages the leading media and television, especially domestic ones, despite the obvious commercial appeal of this subject for the media. Instead, people are fed low-grade fiction and the occult quack, which does not add mass awareness about the true state of Affairs.

Внеземные технологии и тайные общества

Why a policy of secrecy, and who or what is behind it – we will try to understand.

The entire known history of humanity permeate the existence among people of certain «secret societies». That they existed in the past, there is no doubt even the most skeptical historians. Of course, secret societies exist in the present time, and according to some, their work has long since become global, universal.

As a rule, the members of secret associations become prominent scientists, thinkers, politicians – all those whose intellectual level is several orders of magnitude greater than the level of ordinary people. Due to the activities of secret societies on our planet have always existed, split-level science: the elite and the «mainstream». Moreover, the gap «mass» of science and technology from the secret workings of secret societies, by some estimates, ranged from 30 to 80 years or more.

So there is reasonable evidence that radio was known by the secret societies in the times of Pushkin, that is, at least, six decades before its discovery by A. S. Popov (1895) and G. Markov (1897). Moreover, there is evidence that the prototype of the modern radio equipment had been used in the sixteenth century the famous German scientist of the middle ages by Johann Heidenberg – Abbot Trithemius (1462-1516).

There is a theory that anti-gravity engines, the creation of which science is only chosen, were already known at the end of the last century. If this is true, it is a perfectly natural explanation for many accounts of the late XIX – early XX century of sightings of strange aircraft with people on Board.

Financial background hiding of the latest discoveries is clear: the money is made on what is bought. Thus, according to one of the companies producing electrical equipment, bought and froze a patent for an «eternal» light bulbs, invented at the end of the last century (Three of them are reportedly still Shine in one of the old American fire departments).

Apparently, for the same reasons, were confiscated and all information on the most significant inventions of the genius Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), in particular the «solid state Converter» (1931), which transformed the energy that permeates space, into electricity. A device the size of a two-liter jar was tested during the week, providing totally free electrical power to the vehicle is travelling at a speed of 130 km/h. Should have worried oil companies and electricity producers.

Внеземные технологии и тайные общества

It is logical to assume that there are other motives for which a secret society is «held back» some of its scientific and technological achievements. It is possible that many of those who since ancient times, systematically removes or destroys books and manuscripts with the secret knowledge, do it for obvious humane reasons. After all, some discoveries and inventions, getting them into the hands of criminals or mentally ill people can pose a threat to all mankind.

For example, it is easy to imagine the consequences of terrorist use of amazing and dangerous discoveries of the Russian scientist M. M. Filippov. It was a truly outstanding thinker, discover and understand Tsiolkovsky, first acquainted the world with a periodic law of D. I. Mendeleev, the author of three hundred scientific papers, of which the idea of the inexhaustible nature of the electron is almost literally translated by V. I. Lenin in «Materialism and empiriocriticism». In a letter to colleagues a staunch revolutionary M. M. Filippov argued: «I can reproduce the beam is short (radio)waves full force of the blast. Blast wave is completely transferred along the carrier electromagnetic wave, and thus the charge of dynamite exploded in Moscow, may transmit their effects to Constantinople. Done by me experiments show that this phenomenon can be called at a distance of several thousand kilometers.» In 1903, this unique man was murdered in his own laboratory at the age of 45 years. Why not hard to guess. Anyone – history is silent…

Secret societies are greatly interested in the sole possession of elite knowledge and high technology. Suddenly break off the budding research, vanish from sight, promising scholars, and their works someone are withdrawn from libraries, the names disappear from the catalogues and reference books. Where and who they work for?..

They say there is a whole list of scientific and technical fields and areas in which taboo. Here are some of them:

* «psychological optics», known in Ancient Egypt and has found its development in the writings of Goethe and secret laboratories Mussolini;
* transmutation of chemical elements at normal temperature (cold nuclear fusion, alchemy);
* wireless energy transmission at a distance;
* antigravity;
* management of time and space;
* some aspects of genetic engineering and parapsychology (in particular, mental effects at a distance) and many more.

Claim that the list compiled by the French military, contains more than eight hundred such titles. They also include information about UFOs. Although the secret societies have always existed in a hidden competition, since the beginning of the XX century there has been a trend Внеземные технологии и тайные общества towards the consolidation and globalization activities. According to one of the leading researchers behind the scenes spring story, David Icke, today we can already speak about the existence of a fairly powerful secret organization, which could seriously affect various aspects of life of mankind. It is not the Almighty, but her great ambition – to become, at least, a secret world government.

The basic outlines of this «government», according to IKE, began to take shape early in the century. The secret society of the Illuminati («enlightened ones») in the UK and USA in 1919 joined forces in the structure called «Roundtable». The visible part of the iceberg on the shores of Albion became the Royal Institute of foreign Affairs, and in the New world (1921) – the Council on foreign relations. From that moment the American President could only be «dedicated» member of this Council. The only exception was JFK, and this may have determined his tragic fate. (according to one version, President Kennedy was shot dead by his security guard in the White House. Read more).

In 1954, the consolidation of world political, financial, industrial and military elite led to the creation of the next generation of the secret society known as the Bilderberg group. And in 1973 appeared the next modification – the so-called Trilateral Commission, designed to achieve planetary control from the United States, Europe and Japan. David Icke believes that the elite at the top of the pyramid (which is much above the level of modern governments), today it is able to be manipulated in such a way that in the upper echelons of power in different countries has come its people.

American scientist Bob Frissell believes that the secret government are mostly the richest people on the planet. «There are about two thousand, but they have long controlled our so-called government. They determine who and when to vote on a particular post… presidential Candidates from both parties are selected by the organizations of the secret government. They control the global food supply, the growth and decline of inflation of the world currencies… They decide whether to wage war, and when it will end… You can’t lose, if both sides of your. First you create conditions leading to war, and then offer a «solution» to the problem…»

According to the American ufologists of the Project «Phoenix» – they all used to work for the us government in 1954, President Eisenhower signed the secret Executive Memorandum NSC 5410 the creation of a Committee called «Majority-12» designed to oversee and monitor all secret activities in relation to extraterrestrial civilizations. The «Majority-12» included Nelson Rockefeller, CIA Director Allen Welsh DULLES, Secretary of state John foster DULLES, defense Secretary Charles Wilson, the chief of the joint command of Admiral Arthur Radford, the Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, the man from the Executive Committee of the Council on foreign relations known as the «Wise men» (Wise Men). These six were members of a secret society of scientists called the «Society of Jason» (The Jason Society). Society Jason picked up his members of the societies «Skull and bones» (Scull and Bones) and «Scroll and key» (Scroll and Key) at Harvard and Yale universities.

The «wise men» were key figures of the Council on foreign relations. These included twelve people, including six government positions in the «Majority-12». For many years this group consisted of senior officers and heads of Council on foreign relations and later the Trilateral Commission. Among them was Gordon Dean, George Bush, Zbigniew Zelinski. The most important and influential of the «Wise men» who served in «majestic-12» (predecessor of «Majority-12»), were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan and Dean Acson. It is important to note that President Eisenhower as well as the first six members of the «majestic-12», was also a member of the Council on foreign relations.

However «Wise men» were not only people from Harvard and Yale and not all of them were taken from the societies «Skull and bones» and «Scroll and key». Was invited and other places, in particular from the «Eastern establishment» (Eastern Establishment). The Jason society is alive and well to this day. Now it also includes members of the Trilateral Commission. This Commission existed secretly several years before 1973.

Organization for millennia played a role of conscious mediators between humanity and the other space civilizations. If so, it is clear that the thoroughness with which hidden information. This government was given a number of technologies, foreshadowing his desire to dominate the world, in exchange for maintaining the secrecy of the activities on the Earth civilization of «gray» from the star system Zeta Reticuli and non-interference in their Affairs.

It looks like the secret government is ready to do anything to ensure such secrecy. That’s published in the Western press, the list of British scientists who worked on projects like Star wars, and died under mysterious circumstances in a span of just six years. All of them were engaged in development of electronic weapons and the nature of its activities the study of UFOs.

1. Professor Kate Bowden in 1982 died in a car accident.
2. Jay Wolfenden – died in the crash of a glider in July 1982.
3. Ernst Brockway – committed suicide in November 1982.
4. Stephen Drinkwater – hanged himself in 1983.
5. Colonel Anthony Godley – went missing in April 1983 declared dead.
6. George Franks, has committed suicide, he hanged himself.
7. Steven oak in 1985 he committed suicide, hung himself.
8. Jonathan wash – he committed suicide by throwing himself off a high-rise building in November 1985.
9. Dr. John Brittan – in 1986 he committed suicide, was poisoned.
10. Arshad Sharif in October 1986, have committed suicide. Sitting in the car, tied the end of the rope to a tree, threw a noose around his neck and sharply pulled the car from the scene. The suicide happened in Bristol, a hundred miles from his home in London.
11. Vimal Dasibi – committed suicide by jumping in October 1986 from a bridge in Bristol, a hundred miles from his home in London.
12. Avtar Singh-Guide – went missing in January 1987, and declared dead.
13. Peter Pippel – committed suicide in the garage crushed the car in February 1987.
14. David Sands committed suicide in March 1987, sending the car at high speed into the building cafe.
15. Mark Wiesner – suicide by asphyxiation in April 1987.
16. Stuart Gooding, killed in Cyprus on 10 April 1987.
17. David Greenhalgh – fell from the bridge on 10 April 1987.
18. Shani Warren committed suicide in April 1987, was drowned.
19. Michael Baker – died in a car accident in may 1987.
20. Treport Kite had committed suicide in may 1988.
21. Alistair Beckham – committed suicide using electric current in August 1988.
22. Brigadier Peter ferry has committed suicide using electric current in August 1988.
23. Victor Moore has committed suicide. Date unknown…

It is possible that this series is the US President John F. Kennedy. «His decision to murder was made by the political Committee of the Bilderberg group, and the sentence was carried out by agents in Dallas» – says the famous American ufologist and former officer of the US Navy intelligence William Cooper.

There are data, indirectly confirming that John Kennedy was assassinated because he intended to speak to the American people by exposing the policies of secrecy concerning UFOs. The intentions of the President has caused a stir in secret circles, especially because it before it was removed from the post of CIA Director Allen DULLES and his entourage, and is not forgiven. The shots were fired on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, prevented the most sensational in the history of humanity recognition.

Famous for its seventeen world records the U.S. air force pilot John Lear also conducted a private investigation, managed to find three genuine movie. Computer analysis proved not only the reliability of these films, but also allowed a good look at the driver of the presidential car,firing at Kennedy with his left hand over his right shoulder, and even to determine the type and caliber of weapon. It was a device specifically developed by the CIA for such operations. One of these films was shown on 21 November 1993 at the American channel RTL. Several times the original Amateur films published Japanese television.

For a long time Lear along with Cooper tried to present the results of their investigations as many people as possible. They read a lot of public lectures, followed by a screening of unedited footage. Someone did not like, and one of the lectures at Cooper was assassinated. Only by chance he didn’t. But suffered seriously as a result of injuries lost his right leg.

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