British family haunts the spirits of the possessed doll

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Living in the UK a couple declares that their house is possessed by unknown spirits doll that she is able to move around the house and even scratched at night, the head of the family.

Британскую семью преследует одержимая духами кукла

50-year-old Debbie Merrick, residing in the town of kings Lynn in Norfolk with her husband and daughter, bought at a charity sale a few dolls. One of them was a female figure in 19th-century dress, reports the Mirror.

According to Merrick, after a few days the house started to happen strange events. By itself a few times off the fire alarm, and at night in the rooms began to be heard strange steps, despite the fact that all family members are at this moment sleeping.

Then one day my husband Debbie, Cameron, woke up this morning, found myself at the foot of strange scratches, as if caused small sharp objects.

The woman who from childhood to believe in the paranormal, suspected that the thing purchased her dolls. She took them to a fellow psychic, who told Merrick that doll in a dress «little», and advised to get rid of it.

Merrick took the doll out in the shed and closed there in the box. A few days later the woman came to the barn, opened the box and found that the doll is in a different position, and were on her necklace removed.

The frightened British decided to put the doll on sale through Internet auction site eBay. If buyers are not there, Merrick intends to give it away for free to a charity shop.

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