Scientists have found abnormally high concentrations of zinc and germanium in Gale crater

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Ученые обнаружили аномально высокие концентрации цинка и германия в кратере Гейл

Recently the Rover, «NASA» Curiosity, specializing in the study of Mars, had received fresh information about the possible existence on Mars in a past time activity of hydrothermal character. Scientists have reported that these data allow to extend the variety of possible conditions for habitat on the planet that once existed there.

Researchers have recorded that in the crater Gale in the composition of the sedimentary rock contains a surplus of zinc, and Germany, and this number exceeds the standard norms for these Martian rocks to tens or hundreds of times.

Zinc and germanium were found in the high temperature liquids in excess of the measure quantities. These elements can often be seen on the Ground, namely in the sediments encountered by hydrothermal and containing sulfur. Over these two chemical elements are explained by the activity of hydrothermal character, first emerged in this region. These data were obtained from Jeff Berger — GEOLOGIA of Golfscope University Canada and author of the new research.

On the planet, even in environments with extreme temperature, you can often see a wide variety of types of microorganisms that are adapted to such conditions. They say that such organisms may claim to be the original beings on the planet.

To carry out new measurements of the chemical composition of the substance in the crater Gale helped tool «Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer», which are components of the Rover «Curiosity» performing to date, studies of mount sharp in Gale crater, where there is also a landing area of the Rover.

Data on the study published in the journal «Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets».

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