To the Ground on 1 September will be approaching the largest in the history of observations of the asteroid

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Asteroid Florence, which is the largest celestial body of this type of approaching to the Earth, will pass near the planet on 1 September. As noted by NASA, an asteroid with a diameter of 4.4 km and flies at a safe distance from the Ground.

The celestial body will approach the Earth at 7 million km, which is approximately 18 distance from our planet to the moon.

«Although many of the known asteroids passed closer to the Earth than Florence on 1 September, they were estimated as smaller,» said Paul khodas, employee of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena (USA).

К Земле 1 сентября приблизится крупнейший в истории наблюдений астероид

Head of the Department of physics and evolution of stars of Institute of astronomy of the RAS Dmitry Wiebe in an interview with RT commented on the approach to Land the largest in the history of observations of the asteroid Florence. He recalled that the celestial body that flies at a distance closer than approximately 7.5 million kilometres of our planet deserves attention.

«What it (the heavenly body) is now flying at this distance from the Earth, could mean that in the future it is possible more close approaches, including the impending collision. However, the real danger of an asteroid occurs only under the condition that it collides with the Ground.

Its passage at any distance past Earth no danger is, if not to consider a hypothetical, very small probability that he will knock some our satellite,» he said.

Vibe also noted that to observe the approach of Florence to the Ground, only professionals with access to professional equipment.

«Asteroid Florence long observed, its orbit is known with very good accuracy, over the next several centuries to us he is no danger. Watch it will be possible only with the help of telescope. Professionals will do it, and try to catch his man without the necessary qualifications is absolutely senseless», — said the astronomer.

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