Planet X and planet Y could exist

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The mysteries of the cosmos: Scientists believe that a previously unknown planet X and Y can exist, and only await a favorable moment for its opening.

Планета X и планета Y вполне могут существовать

According to scientists, at least two previously unknown planet, which is slightly larger than Earth, was discovered, unable to escape further Pluto in our Solar system. In order to reach this conclusion, scientists examined 13 extreme TRANS-Neptunian objects (ETNOs), in the vicinity of Pluto. This celestial body is a bit similar to dwarf planets. These objects average distance from the Sun than the planet Neptune (30 a.e.).

However, theory suggests that some TRANS-Neptunian objects may be located at a distance of 150.e. from the Sun and have unpredictable orbital parameters.

«Our calculations show that on Pluto may be hiding at least two planets,» said Carlos de La Fuente Marcos (Carlos de la Fuente Marcos) from the University of Madrid.

Planet informal named X and Y may reside in the Kuiper belt on Pluto, based on

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