Tiny «space ship» fly to Proxima Centauri

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Крошечный «космический парусник» полетит к Проксиме Центавра

Famous inventor Andreas Hein with his teammates for the «space travelers» performs at the moment a very interesting project: it is a group of scientists is developing a tiny ship able to reach the planet Proxima Centauri .

Once this exoplanet was opened last year, it immediately attracted the attention of many scientists working in the field of space and space exploration. And this is not surprising, since Proxima Centauri is located in the habitable zone, theoretically it could be water, oxygen and, therefore, biological life, including reasonable.

Minisand Andreas Hein, who thought up the name «Andromeda», can fly to the alluring planet in just a few years, since Proxima Centauri is only 4 light years away (about 40 trillion kilometers, as a joke, scientists).

But to manage such a flight, the team of Andreas Hein intends using a laser beam. However, as explained by the leader himself, such a laser must accurately show the right direction of the vehicle, as even the slightest shift of the beam will jeopardize the entire expedition.

Plan explorers outer space «Andromeda» should be near Proxima Centauri six days, having in that short time «to squeeze out of the planet,» the maximum information. The idea, of course, risky, than agrees, and the project Manager. But as they say, nothing ventured…

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