In Cuba he was born a pig, like a monkey

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На Кубе родился поросенок, похожий на обезьяну

Farmers from the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio was born an unusual pig. He’s got one eye and brown bristles. Strange kid like a monkey. The pet has become a local celebrity, to see him come from the surrounding villages. The other nine brothers and sisters are «APE-pigs» look normal, reports the Metro.

The owners of the animal put him on his hind legs for a joint photo so the one-eyed brat was more like a Primate. According to veterinarians who examined the pig, he was the victim of genetic mutations. Strange baby live and feed close to their brothers and sisters. He is absolutely healthy and feels good.

На Кубе родился поросенок, похожий на обезьяну


This is not the first such case. In March 2017, was born in China, Piglet with an elephant’s trunk. The farmer stated that he had never seen anything like it and don’t know what the cause of the birth of such a strange kid.

Sonoporation, unlike aleshanobleni, died a few hours after birth. The farmer has transferred his remains to the local zoo to explore.

На Кубе родился поросенок, похожий на обезьяну

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