Anomalies of the Kola Peninsula

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Kola Peninsula. Photo: Victor Borisov

Аномалии Кольского полуострова

The first mention of the Kola Peninsula appeared in written sources in Western Europe in the ninth century. They belonged to king Alfred of the Anglo-Saxons, who described the inhabitants of the Peninsula — terminov — skilled fishermen and hunters, and the forbidden land was called a place of terrible secrets and dreadful possessions of the pagan gods.

The indigenous population of the Kola Peninsula — the Saami (or Lapps, bursting) — for many centuries safely coexist Christian beliefs and pagan rituals of worship to the ancient gods, once powerful rulers of their land.

With ancient beliefs associated with a number of the legends prevailing in our days. So, very interesting is the legend about the terrible giant Cueva, in ancient times attacked residents of the Peninsula. Sami, desperate to defeat the enemy with our own forces, appealed for help to the gods, who, having thrown in Koivu a sheaf of lightning struck the giant.

From Covey on Angvundaschorr — the highest peak of the Lovozero tundra — leaving only the imprint that, despite weathering and shattering of the rock, to the present day preserved in excellent form.

According to local residents, the spirit of the fearsome giant sometimes descends into the valley and then imprint Covey begins to glow ominously. For this reason the valley at the peak of Angvundaschorr considered to have the Sami bad place: here don’t wander hunters and animals do not go here.

Аномалии Кольского полуострова

Mysterious encounters and unexplained deaths

Another unusual legend connected with subterranean inhabitants of this land, which the sámi call Sivok. This mysterious people once lived on the earth’s surface, but after a severe natural disaster, the memories of which are preserved in the legends of Lapland, went in the underground caverns, leaving behind in the North Peninsula granite megalithic structures.

Folk epic describes Sivok as little creatures living deep under the earth. They understand human language, and their terrible sorcery has the power to stop the sun and the moon, and kill the man who was always afraid of meeting with them.

Аномалии Кольского полуострова

However, in our days from time to time appears information about meetings of local residents, scientists and travelers with a mysterious Sivok.

In 1996, on the Kola Peninsula happened to be a certain Egor Andreev, who was part of the group «black meteoritical» in the valley of the Khibiny illegally engaged in search of fragments of the meteorite that fell in those regions during the glacial period.

According to the memoirs of Yegor, one summer night he heard next to the tent strange noises, similar to the magpie chatter. Andreev looked out of the tent and saw three hairy creatures that resembled beavers.

And in a moment of Yegor horrified creatures, they made for the animals had human faces with pointed noses, small lipless mouths, from which protruded two long fangs, and burning in the dark greenish light eyes. Andreev took a step towards them and suddenly understood that cannot move.

Only to evening of the next day the companions found Yegor lying unconscious in three kilometers from the Parking lot. What happened to Andreev after he left the tent, the young man was not able to explain.

And in 1999, on the Kola Peninsula was the real tragedy. Then on one of the passes near seidozero killed four tourists. Signs of violent death on their bodies were not found, however, on the faces of the unfortunate was sealed horror.

Close proximity of the bodies, local residents noticed strange tracks, vaguely resembling a human, but very large in size.

Immediately after the tragedy, recalled a similar incident that happened in the summer of 1965, when the Lovozero tundra died three geologist who mysteriously disappeared from the camp. Foxes gnawed their bodies were found two months later. Then was launched the official version according to which geologists were poisoned by toxic mushrooms.

The Kola superdeep

Started in the seventies of the last century on the Kola Peninsula super-deep well drilling has caused among the local population strong dissatisfaction. The elders of the Lapps feared the wrath of the disturbed underground inhabitants, the rumors about the existence of which is constantly reached arrived with Big land drillers.

However, the first kilometers were the drifters surprisingly easy. And only when the depth of the well reached ten kilometers began to have serious problems.

The accident on the rig followed one after another. Several times the rope broke, as if some evil force pulled him down, taking in the bustling and unknown depths. Twice on the surface of the pulled melted very durable Bur, which was able to withstand a temperature comparable to the temperature on the surface of the Sun.

Sometimes the sounds coming from the mouth of the well, like moaning and howling of thousands of people, causing them familiar to all drillers to experience an almost mystical fear.

Аномалии Кольского полуострова

And soon on the rig began to occur misfortune. In 1982, one of the workers was pinned under the fallen metal structure. In 1984, the head of the drill shifts decapitated runaway mechanism.

Three years later, the team of ten people was sent by helicopter to Murmansk with symptoms of a mysterious disease: the workers suddenly swollen body, and his pores began to ooze blood. But as soon as the drillers to be in the hospital, without any treatment the disease completely gone.

When one of the workers who was a local resident, learned about the incident, immediately said that it Sivok thus punished the people who had invaded their possessions, and then wrote a letter of resignation…

In our days every year, dozens of eager for sensations of people come to the Kola Peninsula: who for fragments of the famous meteorite, who in search of the bones of fossil animals, and who with the aim to get acquainted with the mysterious puzzles, which are abundant in this ancient land.

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