In search of Erquiaga — legendary huge brown bear from the North

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Hints of the existence of the bear erquiaga can be found in the notes already in the XVIII century But acutely the question of its existence has become at the beginning of the last century.

Irquim mysterious brown bear unusually large size, supposedly living in the remote parts of Chukotka and Kamchatka, and some researchers add to the habitat of Alaska and North-Western districts of Canada.

From normal brown bears it is not only size and weight (according to various descriptions, from 500 to 1500 kg), but also physique. Have erquiaga long front and short rear legs, plus a «tail» at the rear of the body, after whom it got its name from the Koryak — «dragging pants.»

В поисках Иркуйема - легендарного огромного бурого медведя с севера

And the fur is erquiaga much lighter than conventional local bears. Well, even in nature. The animal is more aggressive and cocky than the average bear. But to get away from the hunters in time is not due to anatomy.

In the 1920s inquietum seriously interested in the Swedish zoologist Bergman Walls. Having studied fell into his skin, the scientist has announced that it has opened a new bear — Ursus arctos piscator. The animal has received the informal name «bear Bergman». But after nekotore time, the discovery was questioned, and a new convincing evidence of its existence to detect if failed.

Later inquietum «sick» of the famous canadian writer and scholar of the Arctic, Farley Mowat, which makes it recognized all over the world.

The peak of popularity of stories about inquiete falls at the 1960s — 1990s, when the Soviet magazines «Around the world» and «Hunting and hunting farm» published articles on Chukotka bear. Writer Oleg Kuvayev even went with the expedition to lake Elgygytgyn, located 300 km from Chaunskaya Bay, where the animal allegedly met most often.

В поисках Иркуйема - легендарного огромного бурого медведя с севера

Specialists-the hunters looked upon the fact of its existence is critical. But now there’s an enthusiast who was able to pick up the fallen banner was searching, — Rodion Nikolaevich Sivolobova. He sent out for local and national publications, his articles where he talked about what the bears with a strange appearance was produced on the Kamchatka Peninsula in 1976, 1980 and 1982.

Sivolobov was in correspondence with an employee of the magazine «Around the world» Valery Orlov, so the details became known searches thoroughly.

In short, the last fact hunt erquiaga refers to 1991 And then our country was not up to the new bear…


What are the version put forward by scientists about the nature erquiaga? The biggest enthusiasts suggest that it could be a small population arktodus Seamus (Arctodus simus) giant short faced bear lived in North America about 10 thousand years ago.

Skeptics argue that even Chukotka, Kamchatka and Alaska and wild places, but they have been well studied in order to find a huge population of bears, hiding over 10K. years. Moreover, on the Asian side of the Bering Strait, the remains of Seamus so detected was not.

Giant short faced bear vs hunters. Installation in the Museum

В поисках Иркуйема - легендарного огромного бурого медведя с севера

Other cryptozoologists claim that irquim a separate subspecies of brown bears. But sufficient evidence of this version yet.

Nikolai Kuzmich Vereschagin, Professor of the Zoological Institute in St. Petersburg, based on the description of the Republic of Belarus has put forward the theory of the origin erquiaga, his article was printed in the magazine «Hunting and hunting farm» in 1987 (In 1988 the Studio «kievnauchfilm» made a film about the animal world of Kamchatka «Where did irquim?», the basis of the plot which was the problem erquiaga.)

According to the theory Vereshchagin, Sivolobov met with the surviving descendants of Arctodus symus, fossil short faced bear. The remains of the short faced bears paleontologists have found, and you will find them in natural-scientific museums of America. Here they found the remains primarily in North America and they are unknown in Siberia.

Needless to say, I met the scientific world the theory Vereshchagin?

And remains the existence of a bear Bergman unproven — there is no authentic photographs of the living animal or human remains. There is nothing else, as to rank «Very Big Bear» (the title of the article Kuvaeva) to the cryptids, the search for which is the business of enthusiasts.

В поисках Иркуйема - легендарного огромного бурого медведя с севера

There is a perception that the giant bears that do occasionally catch the eye of people in Chukotka and Kamchatka — not that other, as the Alaskan grizzly (one of the subspecies of the brown bear, characterized by very large size), who came across the Bering Strait.

Spoke and assumptions that bears an unusual appearance could be either ugly or extremely rare cases of a cross between white and brown bears; and in that and in other case they were not viable and probably die quickly.

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