The witch-neighbor whisper killed poultry

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Ведьма-соседка шепотом убивала домашнюю птицу

20 years ago I lived with the children from their father-in-law in a small village near Abakan. They had a large farm: a cow, geese, chickens, pigs. All animals walked calmly through the streets. It was common to see such a picture: the pig lies in a puddle in the middle of the road, and around her ten piglets. Chickens, geese also roam freely. In General, the rural idyll.

My children all loved it. They loved to run to the chicken coop to feed the birds, collect eggs. With my mother in law had about 25 chickens and four large cock.

Next to us lived a woman Grunya was her seventy years. She also had chickens, geese and ducks. She was a kind woman, loved to talk, to advise something on the farm. Our yards shared a small fence with a gate.

One morning when everyone was still asleep, I went to the chicken coop for eggs for Breakfast. Removed from the socket five pieces and carry them in his hands. Look, open the gate to the neighboring yard and I briskly comes a woman Grunya. Almost runs. Comes up and says commanding tone:

— Give me the eggs!

At first I was taken aback, did not understand anything, ask:

Why? You have your chickens eat, more than we do. And a lot of eggs, they themselves said that it is not time to pull them out.

And she again:

— I told you!

Looking at me, the face of evil, and she is already shaking the whole. In a daze I gave the old woman all five eggs.

Mother-in-law, I have nothing to say did not. The past few days. One morning the kids ran into the house, eyes large, frightened:

— Mother, mother, come into the coop, see what’s going on!

I — run. Look — in the shed all the chickens and roosters sit hunched. From beaks oozing a thick turbid liquid. And sounds like people moaning.

Mother-in-law at this time was not at home. But I knew where her Holy water and Church candles. Grabbed it all and ran to the chicken coop. Here I began to read all the prayers that she knew, and spray the birds with Holy water. Lit the candle and went around the coop.

Came mother-in-law, I told her everything. She ran to the vet. He gave his mother the pills, told me to crush them, dissolve in water and syringe water bird. We have done so. And the next day I went to town, bought antibiotics and vitamins. Soon, the chickens recovered.

Some time after this case came to us a woman Grunya for a visit and asked me to give her apples. Mother-in-law took the basket and went to the garden. And I see Baba Grunya crept up to the corral where we had chickens.

She stands near them, eyes closed and whispering something. Mother-in-law also saw it. The woman Grunya left. And the next morning look — the chickens are in the pen dead. All 30 pieces, large, well-fed, and over night perished.

Mother-in-law and had avoided the women took sick leave, and after these two cases generally tried not to have it. But the close proximity was obliged to at least say Hello, Yes from time to time to exchange a few words.

«Look, -he said, — beware of the witch, take care of the bird.»

And, as it turned out, not in vain.

The woman Grunya died a long time ago, but I’m still curious, where did she get her terrible ability to kill the bird neighbors just a few words.

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