In the Buryat district killed a dog-like creature attacking the sheep

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Since then, shepherds farm «Rodina» rural settlement Zutkuley Dul’durginskaya area experiencing strong anxiety: some unknown animal, or someone is attacking sheep and kills them. For example, in the flock of the shepherd of Army Gudimova thus killed more than thirty sheep, according to «AGINSKY truth».

— Utterly mad shepherds and local hunters decided to catch or at least find out who damage their sheep farm. And just three days ago it was garma of Gudimov waylaid unknown animal. While in the «wait» in the light of the moon he saw the stalking beast. A gunshot was successful.

But when he came to the dead animal and was amazed: he was not like any wolf or dog – unusual face and legs, almost hairless… Now the body of the animal sent to Chita for examination. Is that the famous «Chupacabra» appeared in our steppes? the newspaper writes.

В Бурятском округе убили собакоподобное существо, нападающее на овец

In the early 21st century, a mysterious creature named «Chupacabra» was discovered in Russia. According to the official, the first attack of this animal in Russia on animals was done in 2005. Scientists have discovered that this mysterious creature does not stay in one place, it appeared for a short time in different places. Attacked the unknown animal, mostly on the sick, old animals which could not defend themselves.

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