The study of crop circles in the Ukrainian village Hryhorivka

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16 Oct 2013 in the village of Hryhorivka in Zaporizhia region, where in June was discovered «circles on the field», went though belated, but Amateur expedition of Zaporizhzhya researchers of anomalous phenomena — Alfred Teplova and Peter Olejnik (editor of the Ukrainian newspaper «Alien»). «Circles» under the Hryhorivka, though, and looked impressive, but left practically without attention of the Ukrainian press — all attention was riveted to the «circles» under Ceperova (Lviv region).»On the phone we were told that they still remained… in fact, the field already sprouted winter wheat, but the place where the circles sprouted wheat is thicker and the first witness of these circles found them without difficulty, says Alfred Teplov. — There were three circles. First, about a hundred meters from a dirt field road, according to my measurements was about (all measurements are estimates, because the exact border was impossible to determine) 24-25 meters. Исследование кругов на полях в украинском селе Григоровка The diameter of the second circle was approximately 12 meters. And closely concerned a large circle. The third (last) circle is also related to the second, but he was not around. He was in the form of drops. The second round was touching the round part; the second half was stretched out in the form of drops. The size of the entire third pattern: half circle, diameter – 4 meters long part (sharp drop) – 7 meters. The distance between the centers of the circles – about 18 meters and 10 meters. All three circles oriented (center) is quite accurate (plus or minus 2-3 degrees) in the direction North-South.»The researchers failed to produce a more thorough analysis (due to the lack of the circles themselves never had the opportunity to see the nature of the breaks in the stems and take some samples for analysis), and therefore their conclusions about the nature of their origin, they chose to abstain. It remains unclear whether made «circles» under the Hryhorivka some natural phenomenon or subjects of another civilization (which captured the natural phenomena that are inaccessible even to our civilization), or it was only man-made tricks of the earth «jokers».The circles of July 2013Исследование кругов на полях в украинском селе Григоровка meanwhile, the findings of some asking.»Should be considered, says Alfred Teplov, what to create a full picture of the «manual» way craftsmen would have to work only in day time so in 13 hours (more precisely: in the climax of the Sun) to Orient the direction of drawing North-South (and not to be seen). Second, it is very difficult to come up with a device for the manufacture of ears accurate symmetrical drops, and this is something new in the fantasy of well-known figures in the fields. And the first and second such work for «artists and inventors» would be problematic. But… you can’t categorically say that it is impossible at all!Crop circles Grigorovka was oriented fairly accurately in the direction North-South. Distressed by the lack of immediate fresh «crop circles» researchers zaproektirovany all the formalities, returned to his native Kiev. Their impressions about the trip, expedition member P. Oleynik highlighted on the pages of the weekly «Alien» at No. 44 dated 31.10.2013.- And if we spring come and «paint» like all the field, you will contact the police, tell them about the sabotage? — asked at parting, A. Teplov, the Director of the local agricultural company. — Sure, why not, if it’s really sabotage. But that is sabotage, it is necessary to prove. And in our case the circles that were discovered here, very strange. Who knows where they came from… Where they came from in the fields of the village of Grigorovka in Zaporizhia region — remained a mystery until, in memory of serologicescom the event has been the video editor of the news service of the Zaporozhye regional newspaper «MIG» Vladimir Shaka of photos local photographer Yuri Kalchenko.

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