Meeting with a stranger who was looking for a bride for his son

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This story took place in Makhachkala. Girl, told her, asked not to be named. The story was published in the book «twentieth century Chronicle of the unexplained. The phenomenon behind the phenomenon», published in 90-ies.

— August 19, 1990, about six o’clock I decided to go to his cousin to visit. I managed to catch her at home, and I invited my sister to walk with me a little in the streets.

Go, walk. Reached the stadium. Stopped. On the street at that moment was empty And suddenly we rose, hand from nowhere, a man absolutely impossible face!!!

Встреча с пришельцем, который искал невесту для своего сына

He was a giant of stature, about three meters high, if not higher. Dressed in a black suit. On his feet shoes of thick fabric, not leather. Neck — thick, hefty, strong. The skin on the face — dark colors, all studded with strange pimples that looked as if glued to it. Every pimple was very sharp. Around the eyes — white circles.

Bent to one side, the giant leaned on his stick.

My sister was scared, seeing him, and wanted to run away, but then he called out to us. As if hypnotized, we slowly come closer to him.

He straightened up, and the stick was no longer necessary. She fell to the ground.

Hands on the giant was of abnormal length. They were hanging along the body below the knee. The stranger looked older — his face was wrinkled, senile, but the hair on his head had not a single grey hair, teeth white and even as young people.

A tall man spoke — for some reason in a whisper. He took it in kumyksky. I know the language poorly, but my sister speaks it fluently.

Then, when we parted with the old man, sister recounted to me in Russian those passages from his speeches which I did not understand.

But the essence of the speeches was as follows:

— I arrived from another planet, had told the old man. — I have left on the planet son, who is now fifteen years old and taller than me. Girls, come closer to me. I want to touch you, to touch you. I said, immediately come near!

— Will never come — snapped in response, my sister, though she, like me, were drawn to come.

From the man came something like a magnetic attraction. This «pull» that intensified, and then faded.

He refused my sister to approach him, the old man suddenly asked:

Girls, does one of you become the wife of my son?

Sister answered him in kumyksky:

— We are still Schoolgirls. And I study in high school, but we used to think about marriage.

The old man muttered:

— Well, my son is also not so adult, despite its high growth.

— Speaking of growth, the nurse said, appraising glance three-meter man. — We don’t need men-giants. With men like that we will look ridiculous. As liliputi.

— So you have no desire to marry my son? No?

— The strongest! — minted in kumyksky sister.

At this point I turned to her to ask what mumbles «Barmaley». We exchanged a few words, not looking at the man. And when I turned to him, he saw the giant disappeared.

While the nurse talked with him, we both felt like enchanted. But as soon as «the dark knight» vanished, magical scales fell from our eyes. And we almost lost the gift of speech, aparatuses. In great panic ran out in different directions, sister to his home, and I to him.

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