Distributed in the United States a theory that the hurricanes «Harvey» and «Irma» is the Russian climate weapon

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In the United States has spread an amazing conspiracy theory.

В США распространяется теория, что ураганы "Харви" и "Ирма" это российское климатическое оружие

The new version is from the Americans: the hurricane «Harvey», «Irma» and «Katya» is the machinations of «those Russians». It turns out that in the United States now has spread the theory that all of the hurricane disasters that “fell on US” is a new and terrible climate of Russia weapons.

A publication with a very strange name, The Liberty Beacon says that this version of the attack on residents of the United States approved by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

The publication says that “these Russians have developed a powerful climate weapon”. The authors are so amazing in its absurdity of the statement refer to some non-existent report of the Security Council.

However, neither his name, nor even any evidence on this subject, they do not lead. What, in General, is not surprising. After all, the main thing in American media is not to deliver true facts, and to play on the ratings.

However, the authors decided not to waste time on trifles. As they say, so dream, so in a big way. It turns out, according to the publication, Russia has almost destroyed the flood, and brought heavy rainfall to Berlin, and in General just not sunk the whole of Europe.

“The latest development is called ENMOD, developed it in «assistance», — reported by The Liberty Beacon. — Deploy it on a modified aircraft «Aeroflot» in close proximity to areas where it is planned to organize a natural disaster».

В США распространяется теория, что ураганы "Харви" и "Ирма" это российское климатическое оружие

However, Americans are not really unfounded. In terms of what development on measures of exposure to the weather being all over the world. The most striking example — the dispersal of the clouds and the clouds during important events.

However, there is the Convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques. The initiator of this document was Moscow. The leading countries have signed this Convention in 1977.

The American media can understand. Then the element, and the deterioration of relations with Russia — there is something to write about. But to squeeze such a sensation is, as they say, you need an amazing imagination.

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