«Man of blood». What language they speak Yeti? (photo)

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«Man of blood». What language they speak Yeti? British biologists have doubted the existence of Bigfoot. Supposedly, they studied the genetic material belonged to the bears and goats.

«Человек кровнородственный». На каком языке говорит йети? (фото)

Reconstruction of the shape of a snow man made by designer Roman Moskalik (right). Left — photo of the creature, made in the Kemerovo region. © / Igor Burtsev / Photo from personal archive

However, Igor Burtsev, Director of the International center of hominology, a well-known cryptozoologist, I am sure that the study was carried out in good faith is not enough. «Doubt that these creatures dwell in nature, no,’ he says. And their ability to amaze us more and more.»

300 words Bigfoot

Dmitry Vladimirov, «AIF»: Igor Dmitrievich, what confuses the study of the British?

— There are many details that show that they clearly carried out the order on denial of Bigfoot, completely ignoring the results of other studies. And Oxford Professor Bryan Sykes, one of the authors of the article, I personally. A year ago he came to Moscow and I gave him the samples for the study, but the results from it have not received.

— What kind of «research» that deserve attention?

— A group of scientists from the United States under the leadership of Dr. Melba Ketchum for 5 years conducted a DNA analysis of biological samples (saliva, blood, urine and even skin grafts), collected in 14 U.S. States and two canadian provinces. Just was studied 111 specimens belonging to bigfoots — in North America called Sasquatch. And it turned out that the hybrids of the person with unknown to science beings. They appeared in Europe 13-15 thousand years ago. It was suggested the scientific name, homo sapiens cognatus, i.e., «kinship people». It’s the name declared in the international zoobank, expect to register.

— If the homo sapiens, so we are talking about sentient beings?

— Yes, and their reasonableness, we have seen more than once. Most importantly — they enjoy it. In any case, understand human. And this is the one feature which distinguishes a thinking being, distinguishes it from, say, monkeys. That they talk, we first heard from American women Janice Carter in 2002, the Carter Family from Tennessee had contact with Bigfoot living in the woods near their farm, as much from the middle of the last century. They fed them, gave them nicknames, and compiled a dictionary of their speech, numbering about 300 words. Mainly words borrowed from languages of the Indians. And grandfather of Janice Carter tried to teach Bigfoot English. The Carters were recording the sounds uttered these creatures.And American specialist cryptolinguist (there is such a military specialty) Scott Nelson took to decipher them. So, he found this to be quite articulate and that bigfoots say the words 1.5 times faster than people.

— What prevented the Carters take photo or video?

«Человек кровнородственный». На каком языке говорит йети? (фото)

Such a fancy building come across in the Vyatka forests. Photo: personal archive / Igor Burtsev

— Not what, but who. Bigfoots themselves and interfere. For some reason they do not allow themselves to be photographed. So on those few photos and videos that are at the disposal of researchers, has already captured the retreating creature. Cryptozoologist Anatoly Fokin from Kirov put the camera in the Vyatka forests, hoping to shoot a Bigfoot. But they have a phenomenal intuition and telepathic abilities. They either bypass such traps, or turn the lens or break the camera.

Runes of branches

— What are the tangible evidence of the yetis managed to find lately?

— They create a lot of designs of trees and branches. Put shalashika, bend and twist the branches stuck in the ground poles like a picket fence. In the same Vyatka forests there are amazing facilities: huge barrels weighing 200 kg, pinched between two other trunks. Man with his own hands is to build not, and the technique in these forest wilds are not to be held. At first we thought that the way they mark territory. But then I noticed that they leave behind patterns, some characters, which probably inform each other information. And perhaps want to give something to us. First, the same Janice Carter showed me the boulders on which these creatures scratch out the schematic drawings. Then, similar figures began to appear in Canada, not on the rocks and on the ground. They spread their branches, sticks. In Michigan I have personally seen folded thus a six-pointed star, and at night in the center of this pattern were watching someone’s glowing eyes. About the same time began to receive reports from the Russian regions: the inhabitant of the Chelyabinsk region Natalia Puzanova finds the same design in the local woods.

«Человек кровнородственный». На каком языке говорит йети? (фото)

The researchers believe: Yeti leave a message similar to the ancient writing system — runes. Photo: personal archive / Igor Burtsev

Maybe a branch fell randomly?

— Natalia Puzanova advanced version: these drawings are nothing like the runes, i.e. symbols of ancient writing! Indeed, many of the images are the same. Particularly common design in the form of two parallel sticks and the letter «X» between them. This rune is called «Mannaz», it means «man», «man». Such signs began to appear a lot. Cryptozoology trying to decipher some communication with Bigfoot through these characters, as, for example, Canadians Brian bland and Randy Brisson or researcher from Kazakhstan named Nicholas. He’s been alone with these creatures with the help of ancient Slavic runes. Puts the inscription — the next day, instead another one appears. By the way, this tradition was from the Indian tribes: they left people signs, where, for example, is a spring of good water. And they want to tell us these beings are remains to be seen.

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