The underground base of the aliens (video)

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Подземные базы пришельцев (видео)

Unknown and inexplicable: Phil Schneider was involved in the creation of two alien bases, and is the only survivor after a firefight with the aliens.

The first part of the conversation relates to military bases deep underground, and the «black budget,» which takes a quarter of the gross budget of the United States. They are spent on programs underground military bases, currently there are 129 in the United States.

They were built from 1940-ies constantly, some were built earlier. They are mostly associated with large cities underground monorail train on the magnetic pillow.

Professor Richard Sauder talked about these bases, they’re scattered everywhere, their depth is more than 1 km, they look like big cities. The new world order is counting on these bases, each calendar year of military technology moving to 44.5 years in advance. There are photos which show UFO’s fleeing at high speed during nuclear testing in 1946.

Father Schneider, and Oscar laid the foundations of Philadelphia and other projects. This unusual base was 177 aliens, now it is closed and the equipment removed. In 1954, the Eisenhower administration decided to concoct a Treaty with extraterrestrial beings, and the agreement was signed. The aliens were allowed to take cows and human beings to validate methods of implantation, for their part, they had to give information about the study.

The aliens decided not to comply with the Treaty, and in 1979 broke the massacre at the base in Dulce in new Mexico, it was the deepest of all bases. Schneider saw the cave with unearthly aliens, known as «big gray», Phil killed two of them, and then they opened fire with lasers at people. Almost all the people in the shootout were killed.

Aliens lived on the planet for a long time, perhaps millions of years, says Phil Schneider. He was wounded in the chest from their weapons, and with it the dose of cobalt radiation that caused cancer.

Underground alien base

We will remind, the group of enthusiasts, among which scientists and filmmakers called the mysterious lake in Argentina database of aliens, see photos.

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