Will the aliens colonize the Earth

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Many researchers from different countries are wondering whether the invasion of alien beings to Earth and that in this case threatens humanity? Will the aliens to colonize our planet? Even if currently no one can with absolute certainty that aliens exist, on this account have always been many hypotheses.

Смогут ли инопланетяне заселить Землю

So, the famous British scientist Stephen Hawking, considers the version about invading creatures from other planets to Earth is very real. His assumption he bases on mathematical calculations. The only way of salvation for humans physicist sees in the search and exploration of other planets in the Universe. In any case, according to Hawking, our planet will have a catastrophe and imminent death.

Invasion to be

Now the scientist in charge of the project to search for aliens, which is estimated to be worth $ 100 million. The physicist notes that one of the existing extrasolar planets may well be inhabited by aliens. For example, an object in the constellation of the Crane would be suitable for alien life, but in this case, the creatures would have long ago given once felt. In the course of their work Hawking with the help of sponsors planning to create and run a miniature probe to study planets outside the Solar system. In his opinion, finding evidence of other life helps earthlings to devise a plan of action and direct efforts not to be discovered by aliens.

He said that people should not undertake exhaustive efforts to search for aliens, but the time will come when they will send the Ground signal. This meeting may result in failure for humanity, as highly developed beings from other planets can enslave people. In such situation the Indians, after Columbus team first met with them. If the invasion does take place, will the aliens to colonize our planet? For this you need to consider the possible purpose of their stay.

The demand for natural resources

Seth Shostak, an expert of the Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), said that invasion of alien beings would not be simply due to the fact that the Earth does not interest them from the point of view of natural resources. After all, highly advanced aliens wouldn’t need any coming from the Ground signals, if they needed resources. In this case, they would have already revealed themselves, arriving at them. In addition, on other planets and asteroids have enough water and other elements. But the scientist notes that the extraterrestrial race, as human, tend only to aggression against attacks on their resources.

Shostak also reinforces my theory that regularly emitted from the Earth radio signals has long been able to arouse the interest of the aliens, but either they are simply not able to get here or did not see the point. In any case, such is the opinion of most modern scholars. Astronomer also notes that if even alien beings and would like to let you know, the visit they would have preferred another highly developed, fast and convenient method of communication.

Getting rid of the competition and the conquest of space

Another hypothesis of Stephen Hawking based on the existence of aliens that wander on planets, capturing them. Its a mathematical point of view, the odds are incredibly high. The scientist also noted that people in this case there will be a terrible future, as described in the movie “independence Day”. It remains unclear just a question, how can the aliens look like and what are their intentions towards us.

Aliens among us

One of the hypotheses put forward in recent times researchers are increasingly is the version that the aliens have long settled in the Land they created people, the descendants of whom are currently about a billion people. Because of this the aliens, as such, remain unnoticed, but everyone knows about people. The version is associated with a mysterious planet Nubira, the existence of which was never proven and with which the Land was delivered to the representatives of an alien race. According to Seth Shostak, this theory has arisen only due to the fact that people consider themselves to be exceptional creatures in the Universe, extolling their role in it and cannot be considered plausible.

People have not recognized the signals of aliens

One of the founders of the SETI Institute Jill Tarter says that the aliens will not be difficult to take everything under control on arrival, so they will set their own rules, using advanced technologies. Astronomer also suggested that their positive attitude is more likely than hostile, since only thanks to the peaceful life they could live and develop without destroying each other.

The fact that alien beings are still not filed a signal to earthlings about its existence may indicate only that humanity does not yet have such resources that would be recognized, the scientist believes.

The aliens cannot survive on Earth

We can assume that the aliens have no immunity to a huge number of bacteria that inhabit our planet. So most likely the aliens will die from attacking the disease. If other civilizations — sane, says Shostak, they never will come to Earth personally. Perhaps for this purpose, they use robots.

If alien beings will be the most similar in biochemical composition to the human, to adapt to terrestrial conditions they may take over a thousand years. Thus, we can say that the majority of scientists comes to the conclusion that if aliens arrive on our planet, only with a research purpose, but to live on they are unlikely.

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