On the field, in the County of Wiltshire has a pattern mechanism

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A very unusual circle appeared on June 23, 2016 on the green field in the center Hackpen hill in Wiltshire, England. This County has become one of the favorite places for alien artists, who sometimes create their drawings on the same field (see video below).

This circle does not differ delicate circles or lines. He resembles a machine with two serrated elements in the middle of a big wide circle flattened ears, from which depart two outward curved triangle, symbolizing the movement counter clockwise, and inside the two rounded a sharp element. The circle is divided in wide strips, forming the middle circle, inside which there is a figure in the shape of a flower with three petals and a circle of smaller diameter and thickness.

На поле в графстве Уилтшир появился рисунок в виде механизма

After a lull in England, especially in Wiltshire, crop circles began to appear almost daily. Maybe some sort of message, and drawings are

components some great phrases, but can be a formula or a date of a future event. Despite the recognition of some enthusiasts, these creations are the work of their hands, crop circles remain a mystery.

By the way, scientists have proof of their extraterrestrial origin. Studying these supernatural phenomena, they determine the increase of radiation, the deviation of the magnetic field, increasing infrared radiation in place of drawing the figure, and the change in the DNA structure of the ears and in the nucleus in cereals, which is clearly not under the power of earthly artists.

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