Behind the scenes rulers of the world

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Secret world government — once these words are perceived quite differently. It was very hard to believe that there is a group that consists of prominent political figures and financial elite that could manage the whole world. Today it is no longer seems to be fiction or someone’s stupid joke. Events happening in a world so interconnected that no longer seem random and the worst thing is that there is no coincidence.

There are no coincidences — this is a very old philosophical expression, which is very important in our time. Indeed, if you think well, it can be argued that none of the high-profile world events is not accidental. They are all caused by related events that are initiated by certain people. However, those who are openly on the global political arena — the performers only. The real culprits are hiding behind them.

Закулисные правители мира

The basis control is based on a simple concept of deliberate events. It is incredibly simple and effective. Its essence lies in the fact that there is no need to control each event. Enough only a small push.

Influential politicians controlling public opinion using the media, pumping this environment, sponsoring various terrorist groups — can start a chain of events that can even lead to full-scale war. The event doesn’t have to be global, the impetus could even be a pre-planned accident and extensive coverage of it in the media. Externally supported public movements quickly organize peaceful meetings and demonstrations, which each time will become more and more aggressive. The security forces will be forced to use special tools and even firearms. The chaos begins. And as you know, during the chaos is possible even in the most unexpected transformation and change.

The first World War began because of the death of a single person. He was so important a figure that his death started the chain of events that has spread to virtually every country on the planet. The interests of the majority of States were affected and began one of the bloodiest wars. Is it a coincidence that some States have been enriched by the war, others made a scientific leap due to the fact that the war they had a free hand, they were not constrained by any framework of morality, or the law. The tests were new types of weapons, and the war forever changed its face.

The war ended and it certainly was a lesson for humanity. Many have realized that war is a terrible thing, others realized that a world war is an excellent way to increase the equity and get rid of the competitors. It’s been so many years and began the preparation of a new terrible war. This chain of events was started by a small group of individuals, there is no doubt. It did not begin with murder and not with tragedy, but with the adoption of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic. It was originally designed so that in certain circumstances the Chancellor has got absolute powers. This opportunity was accessible, but used it only one man — Adolf Hitler. This person is directly responsible for the most terrible war in human history. He was obsessed with not only the ideas of national socialism, but the idea of world domination. He originally wanted power over the whole world.

This could not affect the interests of other countries. The war involved nearly all countries. It is impossible to describe how this event changed our world. During the war years progress stepped so far that many scholars could not believe it. On the territory of Nazi Germany conducted the most horrible experiments on people, the results of which are currently widely used by pharmaceutical companies, is a world monopoly in the field of drug development. The management of these companies received a net benefit from the research. The engineering industry has evolved so rapidly that even today we can not create anything new in such a short time. All of Europe was virtually destroyed and devastated by war. But there were those countries on whose territory were not fighting. The financial elite under the guise of friendship, gave out generous loans to the devastated countries at exorbitant rates, provided the imaginary aid in the development of gas and oil fields, food supplies and medicines. But all this had to pay. The financial elite gained absolute power.

Will be incorrect to say that all of the financial elite responsible for all the ills of mankind. This is not so. The secret world government may not be numerous. It consists of a small group of individuals who always remains in the shadows. They have in submission, there are people who are behind all or almost all political figures on the planet. So, the whole system of government is based on the fact that only the power elite knows all, the rest just do their job and don’t know anything.

People call this organization in different ways. The masons or the Illuminati, there is no difference. The organization only one. It’s not brilliant human beings, it is ordinary people that achieved tremendous power. They run events that are not always able to control. They only start a chain of events, and harvested fruits. Active participation they’ll never accept it. However, like all humans, they make mistakes then try to fix it. But not all errors may be corrected. A new world war will only lead to the destruction of all our world, all this and understand it. However, don’t try to fix it. Thought so many would. But agree that the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in the USA was an unexpected surprise for the whole world. It was his rise to power, is likely to defuse the international situation, at least the probability is very high. We can’t know what will happen actually, we can only observe how it changes our world and how effectively the Secret World Government.

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