Dead in the traveler

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This strange case allegedly occurred in Krasnoyarsk in 1993 and the Internet as goes the urban legend of the local bogeyman. Some believe that all the following real incident actually took place.

The driver slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. Bend under him the figure, «KAMAZ» with screeching brakes to get on the road at least ten meters before he stopped. «Only that I killed a man» — thought with horror, Yuri.

Покойница в попутчицах

He was going to jump out of the cab to the earth in order to go and look at the body of the victim. But then there appeared a woman. She was dressed in a dark skirt and a tailored jacket, with her hair for the age 40.

Opening leading to the cabin door, the stranger asked:

— Please give me a ride to the city cemetery.

Yuri could remember exactly what didn’t want to drive her, but suddenly lost consciousness. And when I woke up, the woman was sitting silently beside him in the cockpit. The car slowly driving down the road. Motor somehow barely pulled. Yuri remembers that it was in those moments like a drunk and was afraid to look at his unexpected passenger. According to him, it felt something special, unnatural, creepy.

Finally, in the vague sense of foreboding, the driver with great difficulty turned his head to the right. The woman looked straight at him. Her forehead huge gaping fresh wound, from which, on a calm face oozed blood. In the wound was visible through the broken brains.

Yuri couldn’t move. He felt as if tied to the back of the driver’s seat. Stuck in my throat lump. Our chauffeur was driving through the night, not seeing the road. The whole thing seemed a nightmare, a delirium, a hallucination.

KamAZ stopped suddenly. He did this by itself, without the driver’s help. What happened next, Yuri remembers vaguely. Remember through the cloud of fog that partially eclipsed his consciousness. Getting out of the cab, a woman with a wound in his forehead curtly:

— Help me!

Obedient step of the robot Yuri walked behind her to the back of the truck.

— Get him, ‘ the woman said and pointed to the body.

Yuri unquestioningly obeyed. He climbed into the back and found a coffin, unknown how to get there. A moment later, it turned out that the truck stopped on the roadside near the cemetery. A woman with a gash on his forehead and Yuri with the coffin on their shoulders, marched to a freshly dug grave.

The woman silently laid in the coffin, and the driver, acting as a machine, pushed the coffin into the grave. He fell to her side and fell from him, leaning against the clay wall of the pit. Yuri threw down the lid of the coffin. Lid fell, striking the woman. Near the grave lay a shovel. Continuing to act like an automaton, Yuri picked it up and somehow threw into the grave.

Then the consciousness of the driver of «KAMAZ» suddenly cleared up. He frantically looked around, screamed from fear, and with all haste rushed from the cemetery to his truck.

Yuri did not make a secret of what happened that night. The story was publicized in Krasnoyarsk and the surrounding area.

After a few days, a large group of people, consumed with curiosity and chaired by Yuri arrived at the same cemetery. With the help of the driver of «KAMAZ» arrived fairly quickly found interested in their grave.

The cemetery was not very large, and Yuri when I was running away from him, involuntarily remembered the direction in which it was moving. Now, stepping back, he brought a group of curious onlookers to the site in the churchyard, where, according to his expectations, was supposed to be a rectangular pit, and in it proprietarty the coffin with the lid and the female body, barely covered with earth. However, the pits in that place was not! There stood a grave mound.

Land on it looked svezheperemoloty. And lying obliquely from above, shifted to the side of the marble plate it was written: «Kostenko Tamara Grigoryevna. 14.01.1951 — 01.09.1990».

And the photo of a beautiful fair-haired women on the stove. Barely glancing at her, Yuri was identified on the photograph the lady with the hole in the forehead, it involved a nightmarish night adventure.

Very quickly it became clear that the husband of the late Igor Igorevich Kostenko lives to this day and feel great. Amateur detectives, who visited the cemetery, found him in the most elemental way — through reference address office of Krasnoyarsk.

Igor Igorevich was furious at their story that someone desecrated the grave of his late wife — at least just digging the ground on it, pushed in the direction of the marble slab. He hastily went to the cemetery in order to ensure the veracity of the message.

And was horrified to find there is something worse than expected to see: the plate split in half and dumped in the tomb, which was excavated to a depth of half a meter. Therefore, after the visit of a group of curious townspeople who else came in here and, so to say, made the situation worse.

After returning from the cemetery home, Igor Igorevich Kostenko immediately addressed in militia. There he spoke about sacrilegious trick unknown hooligans in the cemetery. And secondly, did the climb, and a very temperamental application.

He said: he supposedly became known that in Krasnoyarsk have spread ugly rumors, based on a story chauffeur Yuri S. Irresponsible talkers are spreading vile gossip. I assure everyone that his late wife Tamara Kostenko is a natural witch. Climbs like, from the grave, and his nights hanging around on the roads. Throws it under the car. Forces drivers to carry coffins on their shoulders in the cemeteries… Igor I. called the rumors insane and blatant fiction and demanded that the police called upon their distributors to answer.

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