Indian in the name of peace on Earth keeps a hand raised for 44 years

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Индус во имя мира на Земле держит поднятую руку уже 44 года

Indian sadhu (Holy ascetic) Amar Bharati for 44 years, holding his right hand raised in the name of peace on Earth. For almost fifty years, his arm is completely atrophied, becoming almost bone covered with skin. And the fingers are crowned with spirals of twisted nails, which for a long time no one was cutting .

Once this man was an ordinary clerk in new Delhi and called him then the Mahant Amar Bharti JI. He even had a family, but in 1970, dropped everything and devoted himself to Lord Shiva. Three years later, the Indian realized that his constantly overcome worldly temptations. To get rid of them, he raised his hand up, and holds her still. Rather, she’s been lowered since lost that function.

It was painful at first, recognized a Holy man, but then he got used to this state, and the hand gradually released him from physical suffering.

Индус во имя мира на Земле держит поднятую руку уже 44 года

Some believe that Amar Bharati, raised his hand in the name of peace on Earth as very worried due to many wars and all kinds of strife in our world. Moreover, many of his followers also raised their hands in the name of peace and now live in this state. Some of them have already lasted 25 years, so Amara is worthy disciples.

The sadhu himself explains his action:

I do what I have to have made a Holy people. This is unhuman tapasya, view the service of God, when you dedicate and give him part of his physical body. I gave my hand, it’s just spiritual tradition.

Индус во имя мира на Земле держит поднятую руку уже 44 года

In the name of God and faith in him sadhus can perform many ascetic deeds, which from the point of view of worldly life seem or strange, or even impossible. For example, 88-year-old Indian Prahlad Jani has lived in a cave near the temple of the goddess AMBA Mata. Moreover, for almost 8 years, this sadhu not eating anything and even drinking water. It seems fantastic, but doctors have confirmed all this is documented, not knowing the truth, and themselves, how does this man. It is believed that without water our body can survive no more than two or three days. And then – eight…

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