Invented a spray to attract Bigfoot

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Изобретен спрей для привлечения йети

Never-ending hunt many enthusiasts for a snow man can come soon to its logical conclusion. This legendary relic hominid’ll be looking for hunters, that is, it won’t even have to chase.

At least so says a lady from North Carolina. According to American women, she has created a unique spray that will attract to you any Yeti in a radius of several kilometers .

Like many other amazing invention, spray Ellie Webb was born quite by accident. Being an experienced chemist, the woman has developed a special formula for her husband Corey who are keen on Hiking. This tool was supposed to help her husband from pesky mosquitoes. The man, however, sniffing the spray, said that he smells like women’s perfume. Then Ellie had to change the formula to make the smell of a substance is more neutral. And it almost destroyed her life, twice.

Bigfoot chasing tourist

Abrishamchi artisanal means from mosquitoes, Corey went on another solitary camping trip. Once in the forest, in a little while he suddenly noticed that someone follows in his footsteps in the back could hear someone’s heavy footsteps. The man became suspicious and quickly climbed up on a high rock, determined to trace the emergence of a stranger from there. The traveler was shocked when he saw from the thicket came a bipedal humanoid creature with a height of about 2.5 meters, covered with thick gray fur. Naturally, our hero immediately hightailed it out of there without looking back.

After the incident, scared of the Measles a few weeks did not dare to return to the forest, but in the end still wanted to make a new campaign, only in the other direction. Of course, without mosquito remedies to do at such a time is difficult, and he again took advantage of the invented spray his wife. Already returning home, the man heard behind him the familiar steps and again has done a runner, this time not waiting for the appearance of Bigfoot. The Webb analyzed what happened and realized suddenly that the reason was precisely invented Ellie spray. In the local woods clearly dwells’s a Sasquatch, and smell chemical compounds somehow always attracted him.

Spray really attracts Bigfoot or is it a marketing gimmick?

The enterprising couple decided to put their vehicle for sale, calling it «Juice for Bigfoot». The price of one bottle – $ 7. There is no guarantee that the substance will really lure you to Bigfoot, but buyers are still there, and a lot. The formula is at least working as a good means from mosquitoes – knowledge is Ellie in the field of chemistry did not disappoint her. It is unknown whether «the Juice is for Bigfoot» by professional hunters of Bigfoot and cryptozoology.

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